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Ode to an evangelical sage

O thou brain -- exalted, senior,
Holding forth from pulpit's throne.
Feed us with thy academia,
Meted out in monotone.
     ‘We could never,
     ‘We could never,
     ‘Plumb such myst'ries on our own.'

Hear the classics now recited,
Tumbling from thy tutored lips.
Nooks ignored are now ignited,
By thy greek and latin quips.
     ‘O how richly
     ‘O how richly,
     ‘Wisdom from each sentence drips.'

Teach us frames to fathom glory,
Scriptures' tale doth not agree.
Pure distil the Jesus story,
Into subtle sophistry.
     ‘All was darkness
     ‘All was darkness,
     ‘Till thou spoke and now we see.'

Pompous, ponderous, proud, pretentious,
Leaning o'er thy preacher's perch.
Pressing out the sap that quenches,
Thirst for knowledge, Eden's search.
     ‘Breathe thy wisdom
     ‘Breathe thy wisdom
     ‘Till inflated is thy church'

O thou noble mind pray guide us,
Through the darkness and the lies.
Warn us from thy foul deriders,
We shall fear, avoid, despise.
     ‘Raise a banner
     ‘Raise a banner
     ‘We shall chant thy tribal cries.'

How to mark our true devotion?
What could ever count as praise?
But to clone thy stale emotion,
Forced to feign thy learned ways.
     ‘Where's my pulpit?
     ‘Where's my pulpit?
     ‘I'll abide there all my days.'

Marching strong into the brightness,
Resolute, we set our face.
Staunch persistence, clothed in rightness,
Rectitude, our saving grace.
     ‘Call us onward
     ‘Call us onward
     ‘Grimly to our resting place.'

Then one day in vindication,
Face to face at last we'll see
Precious few in that location,
Gathered with thy coterie.
     ‘Now receive us
     ‘Now receive us
     ‘To thy ‘ternal library.'




I'll confess I'm part of the problem as much as I'm part of the solution.

But part of the solution is confessing there's a problem.


0 thoughts on “Ode to an evangelical sage

  1. Missy

    And what tune shall I sing this to? hehe

    You are a very clever wordsmith, Glen. I particulary appreciate the part plentiful with alliteration.

    Confession is good for the soul. :)

  2. Gav

    lol...very enjoyable as well as effective.

    You see a bloke like me enjoys hearing that a bit too much! :)


  3. Otepoti

    I vote for the tune of "Guide Me, O thou great Jehovah" - is that Cwm Rhondda? I left my hymnal on the organ bench!

  4. glenscriv

    That's the problem with writing first then thinking of the tune second. Both those tunes require a little repeat. As does 'Lo He comes with clouds descending'

    Praise my soul the King of heaven works great.

    Basically anything 878787.

  5. banjobible

    Hi Glen,

    Sorry just a technical question about this post. I am thinking of starting a blog for my poems, and want mine to be as well set out as this one.

    The trouble is I can't get the lines to stay together like you have here. When I paste them in from word the lines get spaced out again, as if I'd pressed return each time.

    And if I write them out afresh, the same thing happens (funnily enough) when I press return.

    Any advice?


  6. Will

    I've enabled you to have a look at it (is your user name christthetruth?) if you want to go in and see what I mean. The link is the username in the previous post.

    Actually I think if you tell me which email address you use with wordpress I can even give you editing rights. Then you could even fix it up for me if it wasn't too much trouble.

    Anyway let me know. Thanks!

  7. Tim V-B

    MS Word does very funny things to text. Best to cut and paste into a plain text editor (like Notepad) then cut and paste into the blog. Do any editing (e.g bold, italics etc) within the blog.

    Or - and I don't have MS Word to try this - write it in Word, cut then chose 'Paste Special' (maybe in the 'Edit' menu) and you can choose to Paste it without formatting. Then copy that into the blog.

  8. Glen

    Hey Will,
    I'll email you my user name.

    Yes the formatting is *very* annoying. It used to be that if you used the clipboard (paste) icon with a "T" (as opposed to the clipboard icon with a "W") then you could paste your poetry into a specially created window and then when you hit "insert" it would paste it in without double spacing.

    But at some point in the last year or so the WordPress formatting has changed so that I can't see how it's possible to write without double spacing. I've tried all the things Tim has suggested many times. It's very frustrating.

    I'd ask WordPress about it. But maybe another blog provider is best?

  9. Will

    Thanks for the advice Glen and Tim!

    Youll be pleased to hear my neighbour upstairs showed me how to do it - you just press shift and return together. Great!

    You can indent a whole paragraph using the toolbar, but it doesn't seem you can do what you've done here Glen and just indent part of it. I'll try and achieve the same effect with spacebar and see how that goes.

    Thanks agiain!

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