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Some housekeeping

First, I had my laptop stolen last month.  And on it were a few emails from blog readers kind enough to write to me.  If you're out there, please feel free to email again, but unfortunately I don't have your addresses.

Second, since my laptop was stolen I've not had google reader feeding me a thousand posts a minute.  Which has been kind of nice actually, but it's meant that I haven't been visiting blogs that much at all.  Sorry if you haven't heard from me for a while.

Third, my blog roll is a gargantuan mess.  It hasn't been updated in about 18 months.  And it has some glaring omissions like Dave K at the 48 files - one of my absolute favourites.  I will seek to rectify this soon.

Fourth, I realise my posts have been pretty negative of late.  One day critical of the macho-men, next day critical of the scholarly types.  I'm not in a particularly critical or downbeat mood - just coincidence that a couple of different things raised my hackles simultaneously. I'll try to be more positive in future! 

As a token of this, I present to you a little video I'd like to call:

 "In your face, ping pong dude!"


from Ray Ortlund



0 thoughts on “Some housekeeping

  1. Gav

    Played it three times and it brought tears to my eyes! :)

    Dude, sorry about your laptop...what a pain!

    But as for the negativity stuff....sorry that I have no words of wisdom or anything but I thank God that you do share your thoughts...Dont stop being human mate! Love your work.


  2. Dave K

    You are too nice.

    I'm glad you are not in a downbeat mood with your laptop being stolen and 'negative' posts. I'll look forward to some excessively celebratory posts some time soon.

  3. bobby grow

    Yeah Glen, I didn't really notice any negativity, just discernment ;-) . . . seriously.

    Keep up the good work, and I am sorry to hear about your computer too; it looks like you must've come across another one.

  4. glenscriv

    I see what you mean. Alas, his kung fu is strong. Mine is weak. But the similarity is there. My wife describes my dancing style as 'frog in a blender.'

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