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Further to previous discussions on personality (here, here, here, here)...

This site will tell you your Myers-Briggs type based on analyzing your blog. 

(ht: Biblical Studies and Technological Tools)

It came up with INTP for me.  I'm officially ENFP but my E and T are quite weak so that's a pretty good guess.

Does it get you right?


PS I'll get around to writing the last science post some time soon.  Bit busy at the moment.




One year ago I stumbled into blogging the way Aaron stumbled into idolatry.  I just clicked a few buttons at WordPress and out came this blog. (Ex 32:24)  Resemblances to that foul incident could be multiplied.

Anyway, thanks to Bobby for suggesting I start this.  Personally, I think his tactic was to stop me spending so much time leaving interminable comments on his.  ;-)

I'll take this anniversary week as an excuse to do a bit of housekeeping and collect together my series' etc and produce a proper 'About this blog' sort of page.

Who knows if I'll notch up another year.  But it's been fun so far.  Mainly because of the people who have commented - so thanks very much for that, I've really enjoyed it.


I checked my spam the other day and found great encouragement:

Well I think you are a genius and the post is marvelous.

Brightened my day no end.  The fact that it came from a man calling himself "Penis Enlargement" is neither here nor there.  I have instructed my filter to allow all such positive comments in future.


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