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Happy Blogday to me


One year ago I stumbled into blogging the way Aaron stumbled into idolatry.  I just clicked a few buttons at WordPress and out came this blog. (Ex 32:24)  Resemblances to that foul incident could be multiplied.

Anyway, thanks to Bobby for suggesting I start this.  Personally, I think his tactic was to stop me spending so much time leaving interminable comments on his.  ;-)

I'll take this anniversary week as an excuse to do a bit of housekeeping and collect together my series' etc and produce a proper 'About this blog' sort of page.

Who knows if I'll notch up another year.  But it's been fun so far.  Mainly because of the people who have commented - so thanks very much for that, I've really enjoyed it.


0 thoughts on “Happy Blogday to me

  1. timothycairns

    "Do *you* get presents?

    Now that’s a strange birthday tradition!"

    Well if the title of this blog is to be taken seriously surely you should be showing your love for neighbour by buying us presents - turning the normalities of this world upside down etc etc

    I'd like tiger woods golf for the wii please


  2. glenscriv

    Thanks guys. And especially good to hear from you kc - your encouragements were important a year ago too!

    And Tim - Jesus got some pretty sweet stuff for His birthday (even if one of the gifts was embalming fluid). I'm a humble sorta guy tho so just the gold would be fine thanks. Then we'll sort out Tiger Woods.

  3. Missy

    You, too, this week?

    I am very glad you started this up and that KC led me your way. When you're not using really big words, you often change my heart. :)

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