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Left behind

Now this is just cruel.

UPDATE:  There used to be a youtube video here where a girl was "pranked".  They 'raptured' her Christian friends and made her think she was left behind. 

On second thoughts, I've considered that posting the video participates in the prank.  So I've deleted it.


Would I be correct in thinking pre-millers would be the easiest to prank?
How would you prank an a-miller?
I suppose the actual return of Jesus might prank post-millers - but then we'd all get a pretty good laugh out of it.





0 thoughts on “Left behind

  1. codepoke

    I'm with Milton, and I could not even watch the video to completion. I quit while the whole restaurant was acting normal.

    I just don't find these things funny. I find them devastating and relationship ending.

    As for fooling an a-mill - well that wouldn't be too hard. You'd just have to do the pre-mill prank to fool me. I may be an a-millie, but I was brainwashed on the pre-mill stuff from the time I was 7. I'd instantly conclude I'd been wrong about everything I'd ever read in scripture. My faith would be in rubble.

    I wonder how long it'd take me to recover.

  2. glenscriv

    Thinking about it - perhaps I should pull the video. It's one thing to draw attention to its awfulness, but in so doing it's joining the pranksters...

    Sorry for the offense guys. I'll try to be more thoughtful in future.

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