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0 thoughts on “Who will be my 1000th comment???

  1. Missy

    Is it me? :)

    I always missed the radio contests by 1 or 2 back in the day I had time to call radio shows..

    In case it is me, I should say something memorable.

    "Tattoos don't rub off. Really"

  2. glenscriv

    Ah how fitting! Yes Missy it's you. You're my thousandth non-spam comment. Our patented 'Christ the Truth' stainless steel steak-knives and a one-of-a-kind 'Christ the Truth' diamante tiara winging its way to you as we speak.

    And you'll have to reveal your tattoo stories another time...

  3. Kyle

    Just found your site through my explorings. Like the audio on Revalation 21, it was very inspiring. Had a lot more answers than the Watch Tower did, as a matter of fact their answers were very confusing and some-times, I did not even get an answer. I shall listen to the rest of the recordings. Do not worry I am not nuts or anything, just wish when I ask a straight question, some-body would give me a straight answer! Like the site,
    Yours sincerely Kyle.

  4. glenscriv

    Great to meet you Kyle. And please do ask me any questions you have - that's part of why I blog. You can email too if you like.

    Not to be too scary about it, but I would warn you away from Watchtower stuff. There are many brilliant and lovely JWs but I'm afraid it is a cult. No-one likes to point the finger, but sometimes it's worth having a 'heads up'.

    Anyway, glad we crossed paths. Hope to interact further!

  5. Kyle

    Thank-you for your reply. Alot more than I would get from most! Wary of the Watchtower already, I ignore them now, nice as the witnesses are, they have their own agenda. Can you please explain (hope I get this right) Genesis 4-23 to 24 in the living Bible version, never really got what it means, only thing I can come up with maybe he is a bit arrogant. Thanks Kyle.

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  7. Missy

    Yea! That made my day.

    I have a thing about even numbers - especially those with an odd number of zeros, so that's really a special number.

    Oh, dear, I've said too much...

  8. Otepoti

    Just realized - we need a post - urgently! about the theological implications of post-millennialism.

    Also, this will be the thirteenth comment on this thread. Triskadekaphobic? What? Me?

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