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Not a great image

... in any sense of the word.

Cindy Jacobs mobilised a Day of Prayer for the Global Economies on October 29th.

So these Christians went down to a Wall Street statue symbolic of the global financial system.  They laid hands on a metal image of a bull and prayed.



And they sang 'God Bless America.'





Source Wonkette via Jesus Shaped Spirituality.


0 thoughts on “Not a great image

  1. codepoke

    Wow, the image is awful.

    Really, really horrrible.

    I would ask what they were thinking, but it's a progression of group-think, not true thought at any point. The start of the chain did not see the picture, and the end of chain was caught up in the excitement.

    But it's the excitement that's terrifying.

    You can get a sea of Christians to come together to pray for the economy to be healed, but not for the church to remember the holiness and sacrifice of our God. Forget the slow-motion train-wreck our culture is experiencing (ever seen a picture of a train wreck, and the "telescoping"?) The church is lined up to hear from Jeremiah about our fathers being bad and us being worse.

    I'm pondering a promise I recently read in Isaiah or Jeremiah one, in which God seems to say He will scatter the Jews (AD 70 through the present?) and gather in the church instead, and never be angry at His people again.

    What challenging knot to try to untie. I don't think I'm half educated enough to even begin. So many times He promised His people that He'd not be angry at them, but this promise seems different. And, of course, it should be if its fulfillment is counted from the resurrection.

    So, as I see American Christians accidently, freudianly revealing their love for mammon, I wonder if maybe God will not be angry? If He's not angry, maybe we'll still receive the discipline from Him that we need?

    It's all very frightening.

    Oh, and I hear the economy is having issues, too.

  2. Bob MacDonald

    Hilarious!!! Ba'al where are you! (Maybe he's sleeping)

    The image you have on your banner is on one of my CD's - St Matthew Passion I think. It is quite a contrast to the bull.

  3. preacherman

    Idolitry in its fullest form
    Baal is back and in America.
    Sad that believers and others would do something like this. We need to be praying for our nation.

  4. glenscriv

    i reckon baal worshippers will be miffed too...

    "hey! they're just using baal to get mammon!!"

    everyone knows you ought to worship baal of his own sake

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