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Blogging personality

Further to previous discussions on personality (here, here, here, here)...

This site will tell you your Myers-Briggs type based on analyzing your blog. 

(ht: Biblical Studies and Technological Tools)

It came up with INTP for me.  I'm officially ENFP but my E and T are quite weak so that's a pretty good guess.

Does it get you right?


PS I'll get around to writing the last science post some time soon.  Bit busy at the moment.



11 thoughts on “Blogging personality

  1. Bob MacDonald

    totally cool - for and it got Thinker - right on. For my Sunday school blog, it got Playful - I am glad I change my potential antisocial behaviour when teaching children!

  2. Si

    my random splurges (enjoyed, AFAIK, by one other person) got INFP. I've not done a proper Myers-Briggs test, but looked that type on wikipedia, and agreed with much of what that type is said to be, but found that some of it is the complete opposite of me. Then again, as I read more (for instance functions) it makes more sense and does fit me, though seems a bit simplistic. Maybe I don't like what I see - the losing myself in a world of emotions is me, but is also one of the least favourite things about me.

    I like it that my type says I'm more likely to take this type of test than other types - I did jump at the opportunity so it got that right!

  3. codepoke

    I saw this elsewhere first, and did my blog and a dear friend's.

    Mine it rated, ISFP. Not bad for an INFP. I'm about as N as they come, but I probably try to compensate for it when writing. I can buy that.

    Then I did my ISFJ friend. Yeah. INTP.

    What a riot! I mean, it could not be further from the truth. There's not one drop of N or P in her, even if she's putting on some T to sound acceptable.

    I'd LOVE to read the algorithm.

  4. Andy

    It rates my blog as ESTP and as an ENFP i find that a bit confusing and want to talk about it a lot with loads of people.

    I guess the process of writing (at least in English and in the current intellectual/multicultural milieu) concentrates blog communication in a way that is less 'intuitive' and 'feeling'. That's my guess.

  5. timothycairns

    It is totally wrong for us - but our blog is just baby pictures and family action for the folks back home! so we were performers! ESFP - I am ENFJ and my fellow blogger, my wife as she is better known, or Jen as I like to call her, is INTJ so really wrong!

  6. glenscriv

    Interesting. Thank you all for your product testing.

    Bob, I'm glad you're able to morph type depending on audience - very 1 Cor 9:22.

    Si - INFP is so close to the perfect personality (ie mine). Keep going!

    Code - you and me both on extreme N-ness. That's probably what makes for our entertaining blog exchanges - two big-picture thinkers forgetting the details and 'hurling elephants' as they say in the debating game. Wouldn't have it any other way ;-)

    Andy - welcome to the comments. I've enjoyed your blog for a while. Must be because you have the ideal personality ;-)

    Bobby - so you have the ideal *blog* personality. Well done! Doesn't surprise me at all.

    Dev - you also have the ideal blog personality. Probably the fact that we all write each others comments sections has something to do with it!

    Tim - you're almost the opposite of your wife? Me too. Emma hasn't done MBTI but I reckon she's INTJ. Makes life interesting.

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