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Happy Friday

A home grown Happy Friday for you today.

Some say my preaching fails to be "relevant". Some say I never engage with contemporary issues and movements. I hope this video finally puts the accusation to bed:


And yes, I stole the gag from Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Dominic

    Who says that about your preaching? I've always found it massively, massively helpful in my Christian walk. (Albeit I've only read/listened to them online - I guess they might be awful in the flesh :) .)

    I was once in a service where the preacher began his sermon with an example about the life of a famous celeb-type figure as his intro. The evangelical world is small and sermons get re-used, so permit me to be a bit over cautious and anonymise this by simply calling this celeb "A". I was on prayer ministry after that service and a lady came for prayer. As she told me what she was in need of prayer for, I said "I guess that's like what the sermon was about today." She said "what, you mean about A's life and stuff". She had listened to the stuff in the first 5 minutes about A's life and then tailed off during the rest of the sermon. There was a sermon waiting to help her, but all she remembered was the stuff about the celebrity at the beginning...

  2. Dominic

    Sorry - that last bit should have ended "and thus the danger for people who get hung up on stuffing contemporary issues into sermons" or something like that.

    In other words - don't let comments about contemporary issues get you down!

  3. Glen

    Caribouboo! Very good John.

    And thank you Dominic. To back up your point, conversations after the talk did seem to focus a little more on the pun than on the preach. Hmmm

  4. Dominic

    Tho' I guess the listeners might end up focussing more on the pun than the preach in conversations afterwards because it's easier to talk about the pun and avoid having to talk about the much bigger, much more intimate, much more personal question of where they're at with Jesus, no?

    "Sir... I can see that you are a prophet. Our fathers worshipped on this mountain..." John 4:19-20 etc ...

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