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Olympics Themed Evangelistic Talk: Champions

Audio for a 6 minute talk given at a BBQ today


For the next two weeks billions of people will roar advice to the world’s greatest athletes.

Helpful tips like, “Run faster, swim harder, he’s gaining on you, and Not like that!!”

Why do we do it? Because we are involved – they are our Champions, they are competing for us.

For me the biggest moment of connection was the 2000 Games, 4 x 100m swimming relay.

The American, Gary Hall Jr said the USA would  “smash Australia like guitars.”  But our champions did it for us. And after smashing the world record, they played air guitars to the Americans!  The roof nearly came off!

We feel an immense connection to our champions - they do it for us and we celebrate.

That’s how Christians feel about Jesus.  John 1:14

We don’t do life right.  We're like the couch potato, full of bluster but no follow-through.

But lives the life we should live. As our Champion.  Then dies death we should die

Cross = Jesus representing us.  Taking on our much and enduring what it deserves

He rose up to defeat our biggest enemy – Death.  And He did it as Champion.

Enjoy the Olympics.  Enjoy the victories of others.  Don’t miss the ultimate Champion.  You don’t want to represent yourself before God. Allow Jesus and share in His victory.

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