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King Jesus – Youth Talk on Psalm 72

Audio of Talk to Youth


Notes of talk...

Born in a shed... ruling the world…  How do you account for Jesus?

In the beginning… Christ was there.  John 1:1-3

God and His Son Christ decided to set a man – ADAM – as king over the world.

But the Eternal King was promised  to be born – Genesis 3:15

Offspring – Abraham… David

David – Made King, Crushes Oppressor

Solomon – Psalm 72

This King sounds a bit like Solomon – v8, 10

This King sounds much bigger than Solomon – v11, 5, 4, 6, 17

JUST (v1-3) and GENTLE (v4, 12-14)

Romans 10:9 - Who do you say Jesus is?


1 thought on “King Jesus – Youth Talk on Psalm 72

  1. fruitofhisdeath

    In principle (altruistically) and in practice (according to the Spirit), Jesus is LORD with absolute powers over death and life. (Matt. 16:18; 27: 50-56)

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