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Happy Friday – Classic Olympics Moment

The USA had never lost the 4 x 100m swimming relay.  Ever.  Gold medal, every Olympics.  And in 2000 they had Gary Hall Jr swimming the final leg - the "extroverted" 50m gold medalist who predicted the USA would "smash" the Australians "like guitars."

Here's how the Australians responded in front of their home supporters.  (USA is in lane 4, Australia in lane 5 (i.e. nearer the camera).


That's the power of home advantage.  Over to you, Team GB!

What are your favourite Olympics moments?




5 thoughts on “Happy Friday – Classic Olympics Moment

  1. Andrew

    I remember this moment. Great to bring back the memories. One of my favourite moments is the Ben Johnson 9.79 100m race in Seoul 1988. I still remember watching it live and where I was, and then the shock a couple of days later when he was stripped.

  2. Glen

    Yes I remember too. As a ten year old I was jubilant that Lewis eventually won. His efforts in '84 were my first Olympics memories.

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