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You're not a bag of protoplasm

Sometimes I'm asked whether we should spend time entering into non-Christian "world-views" to expose their internal inconsistencies.

Sure - if you do it like this.  But then, if you do it like this (and do listen to the song) you're not seeking to convict them of a logical contradiction but an existential one.  The former contradiction can be solved by conversion to Aristotle.  For the latter, only Jesus saves.


0 thoughts on “You're not a bag of protoplasm

  1. pgjackson

    Wow, I feel a new-found appreciation for my thumbs.

    We need more apologetics like this - satirical, with plenty of pedal steel guitar.

    As an aside - don't we need Jesus for the logical stuff too? Doesn't Jesus save us from futility of mind as well as from existential futility?

    Jus' thinkin'

  2. Heather

    Our thumb-sucking pre-schooler would probably consider that song to be a perfectly logical argument for the evolutionary theory.

  3. Glen

    Hi Pete,

    Yes indeed Jesus saves us from futile thinking (after all Christ is the Truth!). But just so long as it's *Christ* saving us from futile thinking...

    Hey Heather, yet another use for the thumb - pacifier! Bringer of life and peace.

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