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Jonah song [Thawed out Thursday]

"God Said Go - Jonah Song" DOWNLOAD

Chords: Em7 G A
End of verse: E G A C D D#m E
In between verses: E G D E G D

And here are the words - the kids sing (shout!) all the bolded words:


Verse 1:

God said ‘GO – to Nineveh

All those baddies I want to win-over.’

Jonah said ‘NO – not Nineveh

All those people are terrible sin-lovers.’

God said ‘GO!’

Jonah said ‘NO!’

The storm went BLOW

Jonah said ‘THROW!’

And down he GO!

Into the Depths of the Sea!


Verse 2:

God said GO – to a giant fish

Save my prophet before he gets smelly

The fish said OH what a lovely dish

Swallowed him whole so he lived in his belly

God said GO!

The fish swam LOW

Through the FLOW

Jonah said WHOAH!

And down he GO!

Into the belly of the fish!


Verse 3:

Jonah said OH – what a mess

I’ve done things my way I must confess

I’m so LOW – I could die

But even now God hears my cry

Jonah said ‘OH

You’ve brought me LOW

I’m sorry SO

Save my SOUL.’

And up he GO

Spat up onto the beach.


Verse 4:

God said ‘GO – once again

Nineveh needs your word to repent.

Jonah said ‘OH – alright

I’ll tell them there’s Woe if they don’t get it right.’

So Jonah said WOE,

Cos God says ‘NO’

The people went ‘OH!

We’re sorry SO

Save our SOUL!’

And God saved every one!


Verse 5:

Jonah said ‘NO – I guessed

God would have mercy if they confessed.

‘God’s so SLOW to judge

He loves to forgive, never bears a grudge.’

God said ‘GO!’

Jonah said ‘NO!’

But God changed ROLE

He washed their SOUL

Whiter than SNOW

Cos God’s the best preacher of all!


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  1. christisinn

    lovin it,
    can you do that on video so that I can see how to play that?

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