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Pray for Bobby

Bobby's the blogger who got me blogging.  Man of a thousand theoblogs - some of which he hasn't deleted ;-) and three of which are linked in my sidebar (a record).

He goes into surgery tomorrow to remove a cancerous tumor (more details here).  Please pray they get the whole tumor, that minimal (ie no) damage would be done in removing it and that it will never return!  The surgeons are called Dr Kevin Billingsley and Dr Greg Moneta.  His wife's called Angela please pray for her and the kids too at this time.

Go on, spend a minute now asking the Father to give this piece of bread to His precious children.

UPDATE:  Good news on Bobby's surgery


0 thoughts on “Pray for Bobby

  1. Bobby Grow


    Thank you so much, this means alot, brother. I just did another post updating the news we got at the preop appointment --- it was highly encouraging news. In a nutshell, the surgical oncologist said that he believes my tumor is totally dead (basically a benign mass of tissue) --- the chemo (or the LORD) has really been working! Amen.

    Here's the link to my most recent update, thank you for the prayer Glen and all (my wife said I'm the man of a thousand templates too ;-) ).

  2. Angela Grow

    "Man of a thousand blogs"...another title for Bobby could be, "Man of thousand blog templates"!!! LOL! Just had to say that! Anyway, thanks so much for posting this, we appreciate any and all prayers! Praying is not the least you can do, it is the MOST you can do.

    Blessings to all In Christ Jesus,

    Angela (Bobby's wife)

  3. Bobby Grow

    You guys are all awesome! I just found out that I get to go home today, which is two days earlier than they originally had told us. We know, again, that this is the Lord's blessing; and that you guys and your prayers are a major part of His blessing to us.

    Love you all!


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