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An Ashes limerick

It's sad but true.  (Inspired by Paul's poetic (but not prophetic) effort.)



They managed to win all the same

Despite their mid-order bein' lame

Both teams had two lapses

Each batting collapses

But the Poms had em both the same game.


That's my in depth analysis.



0 thoughts on “An Ashes limerick

  1. Paul Huxley

    Though an Aussie has dissed all our batters
    Our quickies ripped theirs up to tatters
    Less biting than bark
    Except Michael Clarke
    But we beat them, and that's all that matters.

  2. Glen

    In truth the Poms had more shockers
    They were saved by Cardiff's late blockers
    8 centuries to 2
    Give Aussies their due
    They lost to the Oval pitch doctors


  3. Paul Huxley

    The main thing that caused your teams loss,
    Was that Ponting could not win the toss,
    He called Heads every time
    I can't think of a rhyme
    And if I don't go to work now I might get told off by my boss.

  4. Glen

    I don’t think the Aussie Board
    Will agree – they’ll bring out the sword
    No matter the toss
    A loss is a loss
    And besides, e’en this is the LORD (Prov 16:33)

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