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  1. pgjackson

    Very funny.

    But also, yikes, what a stinking stereotype! The best response to stereotypes is of course to make sure there's no real basis for them in your own life. Which is what this makes me determined to do.

  2. victor john


    SUB: Looking Prayer Partners, Ministry partners and affiliation

    Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ!

    Dear Friends in Christ,

    I am happy to visit u website, it’s really a nice and wonderful effort for the glory of god.
    By the grace of God and by the help of few local and little self support churches and their pastors we r holding a missionary movement for revival in Pakistan. Named “THE RIGHTWAY MISSION ASSOCIATION” since this year.
    Brother we have the burden and passion and we are committed for the completion of great commission throughout the country, 18 billion people, b4 the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    We r committed to produce local missionaries and evangelists for Pakistan, So for this purpose we r praying and looking prayer partners and ministry partners around the world, so that u r requested to please join us through u prayers and blessings, and we also need u affiliation for the glory of god, your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated, thanks a lot.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Pastor Victor John,
    Executive Secretary &
    International coordinator,
    Rawalpindi – Pakistan,
    CONTACT: +92 332 5145330

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