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Some Christianity Explored Talks

I spoke every other week on Christianity Explored (an evangelistic course based in Mark's Gospel).

Here are the odd weeks then.  The text is slightly different and I'd say better than the audio.  I often departed from my script to save time.

CE 1 - Introduction - Christianity is Christ. (Text)  (Audio)

CE 3 - Why did Jesus come?  - The problem of sin. (Text)  (Audio)

CE 5 - Grace. (Text)  (Audio)

CE 7 - What is a Christian? (Text)  (Audio)


With week 5 the text has some extra stuff on our marriage union to Christ.

With week 7 the text has some extra stuff about how 'taking up our cross' is not payback for the way Christ had to take up His! It's the very essence of our liberation.


A few on the course have prayed to receive Jesus this week.  Please pray that they would know His presence and protection as they take their first steps with Christ.


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  3. Gav

    Consider it *done* that is!

    We just had our day away exploring the church, bible, prayer and the Holy Spirit.

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