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Australia's batting looks fragile and apart from Lee the bowling seems toothless.  So I was relieved to watch this the other day:


And just a reminder of what Warne can do


If cricket's not your thing, I'm sorry.  I really am sorry.

Here - watch Robert Webb flashdancing...


I'm absolutely blown away by this.

What gets me is the combination of sadness without any self-pity.

It's utterly tragic but not told as a tragedy.  Somehow the whole thing is a celebration shot through with praise, thanksgiving and gospel hope.

Praise Jesus.


Growing up, Friday used to mean John Clarke and Bryan Dawe doing their 3 minute spoof interviews at the end of current affairs programme The 730 Report.

Good example of Australian humour.  Hope you enjoy them.

Front Fell Off





Have you heard about this guy Paul Blackham?  Apparently he's into the whole Jesus in the OT thing too.


Check out the body language as he switches between talking about the two views.  The first half is a brilliant impression of Kurtz in Apocalypse Now

The horror...  The horror...

Watch here.


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