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Bad news for England

Australia's batting looks fragile and apart from Lee the bowling seems toothless.  So I was relieved to watch this the other day:


And just a reminder of what Warne can do


If cricket's not your thing, I'm sorry.  I really am sorry.

Here - watch Robert Webb flashdancing...


0 thoughts on “Bad news for England

  1. Paul Huxley

    Good thing that clip's not talking about the 2009 Ashes then isn't it? (Not that it helped the Aussies enough in 2005).

    And if you dare mention that there was an Ashes series between then and now...

    It should be an interesting series though. Neither side close to as good 4 years ago but with a few youngsters who could do something special.

  2. Glen

    Let the record show that I named Lee as the only ray of sunshine in the Australian attack. This is not good.

    Can you believe that the first-string Australian spinner (Hauritz) has a first-class average of close to 50 and has never taken 5-for in first class cricket??

    I'm awaiting a phone call from selectors any minute.

    And then we'll really be in trouble.

  3. Gav

    Doin Ok so far without Scriv. So far so good! But I reckon they could have used you a while ago to keep Symonds on the right track.

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