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From my sermon this morning (Isaiah 9:2-7).

Audio here.

Don't have the spirit of Scrooge.

Don't have the spirit of Winterfest.

Don't have the spirit of Santa.

Look again to the manger.

Text below...

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If Jonny Cash and the Violent Femmes collaborated on a Christmas song for kids about OT hope with reference to Genesis 3:15 (and they'd been listening to a lot of 'House of the Rising Sun')...

The song only really gets going when it becomes a round (about 4mins in), but our church enjoyed singing it this morning.  So I can vouch that it actually 'works.'

I particularly enjoy singing:

Gonna crush that snake
Gonna stomp his head
Though he strike my heel
Gonna kill him dead

Words and chords below...

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I recorded the song (along with these) a couple of years ago on a handheld voice recorder.  Since then my ancient Yamaha keyboard broke, so there's no re-recording the music I'm afraid.  Here it is, warts n all!



Before this sermon I wasn't entirely sure about that Paul Blackham fellow.

And then on Christmas Eve 2000, everything changed...

I'm hoping the picture quality will improve over the next 12 hours (it did with my previous uploads).

Download Paul's original sermon here

And here's an older sermon jam I did of Paul's Philippians 3...


My first effort at a video.

The making of it was very fiddly - Powerpoint slides then Windows Movie Maker.  There's things I'd like to change but alterations are a bit too time consuming I'm afraid.

Hope it's an encouragement to some...


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