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0 thoughts on “A Saviour Is Born In The Town Of David

  1. Bird Brain

    I love this one - definitely my favourite song of yours! It sounds so great in church. Shall we expect it this Sunday?

  2. imibengo


    Hows it mate? Been enjoying some of your posts and will (if its ok) nick this for my children's slot on Sunday...I'm preaching the same verse too, so this will set it up.

    Trust you guys are well.


  3. Glen

    Hi Jamie, good to hear from you. Yes, nick away. It's a four part round which can be tricky - but I reckon African kids might be up to it!

  4. Si

    I got this stuck in my head after one listen, which means that it seems to work well as a memory aid (singing is always good for that).

    PS: I don't think the snow works well with the rather white colour scheme of the blog, but good to see you celebrating cold Christmas in the only way WordPress' lets you do it easily.

  5. Glen

    Jamie, I should probably also say - you might prefer to play it in E rather than G (it gets pretty high on the last line and not everyone sings like a girly girl).

    Si, I had you down as an RSS man. I definitely need to do something about my theme. I may soon combine website and blog and leave for good. But not this side of Christmas!

  6. Bird Brain

    Glen, I have to agree about the snow- I was worried something terrible had happened to my eyes and was seeing things.... :-D

  7. Si

    Glen - I am an RSS man (though tend to use it to save me checking sites all the time, more than to read stuff elsewhere - I always click through on pages I want to read). However, I can't comment without coming to the site itself, and I saw the occasional white blob moving across my text as I typed my comment.

    I like the white theme, it's just that snow doesn't work with it!

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