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Paul Blackham vs Radiohead

I love this sermon.  And I love Radiohead.

The full 30 minute sermon is here.  It's in my all-time top 3.

Don't forget other classic Blackham sermons here.



9 thoughts on “Paul Blackham vs Radiohead

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  2. Heather

    I know nothing about Radiohead. Should I be nervous that your a fan? :)

    The sermon clip/video provided a very sobering look at how seriously wrong it is to entertain thoughts of "the goodness" of humanity.

    I've often thought that the difficulty of the "rich man" in entering the kingdom of heaven isn't restricted to those who are monetarily wealthy.

    A lot of us think we are rich in good deeds or intelligence or talent or popularity... And those things also blind us to the fact that we are evil, blind, foolish and alone if we are not covered by Christ.

  3. The Simple Guy

    It was a horrifying thought to recognize a while back how man centered my view of sin has always been.

    Mankind is so trivial when compared with the Holy God. My sin put Him on the cross! That is the horror of my sin. Not how it happens to affect others around me. Truly it is against Him and Him alone that I have sinned.


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  5. Tim V-B

    Thank you anon. You reminded me how excellent this video and so I've shared it on Facebook. Maybe your deep lack of understanding will help many others discover the riches of God's grace in Jesus.

  6. Si

    I think anon is talking about the use of Radiohead music? Given that it's not as if the words of 'The National Anthem' come up, it's just a bit of (good) music underneath the words of Paul Blackham.

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