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Some evangelistic resources

Here's a selection of talks I've given in evangelistic settings

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Luke 15


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Jesus Calling


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Does God exist? And if so, how does He fit with science?


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What happens when you die?


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Why is there so much suffering?


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Why doesn't God accept everyone? (Why is there a hell?)

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Does God even exist?

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Aren't all religions basically the same?

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How can you believe when religions cause so many wars?

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Why bother with Christianity (as opposed to other religions)?

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The True Myth (The Gospel as the Archetypal Myth that entered History)

Sex / Love / God

Luke 15 - Lost and Found

1 Corinthians 13 - Wedding Sermon

Jesus: Commander, Host, Doctor: Luke 5

Comedy and Christianity - can they mix?

Colossians 1 - Which God don't you believe in?

Isaiah 50 - Easter Sermon

Luke 22-23

Trinity and Islam (John 1)

How not to lead a trivial life (a talk at a pub quiz): Colossians 3:4

You must be born again: John 3

Thirsty for more?: John 4

What is faith?: John 4:43-54

Carols Service:  Isaiah 9

Why the Cross?:  Matthew 26:36-46

Who is God? (an evangelistic talk on the Trinity):  Galatians 4

Come and eat with Jesus:  Mark 1:40-2:17

Right with God:  Romans 3:21-26

Satisfaction in Jesus (a mission talk):  John 4

Some Christianity Explored talks (a course based in Mark's Gospel).


Here's some talks I've given on evangelistic strategy:

Outgoing - A 12 Week Evangelism Training Course

321Go - A 6 Week Evangelism Training Course (different to Outgoing)

Mission: Medieval and Modern A Cor Deo Seminar

Evangelism Seminars for CEC Leeds

Adoption and Evangelism (Transformission Seminar)

5 Devotional Talks on Luke 8

Bringing People to God:  1 Peter

Doing Mission Together:  1 Peter 2:9-12

Doing Mission at Table:  Luke 14:1-24

All things to all people to save some:  1 Corinthians 9

The Word that grows the Kingdom: Mark 4:1-34

Threefold Word part 1Threefold Word part 2

Five Seminars on the Word of Christ


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