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I was at a meeting of local Anglican clergy yesterday and got talking to a local minister at the coffee break.  I offered to pour him a brew and he said, "Oh I've given up coffee for lent.  You'd better make it half a cup."

"Oh right.  Shall I make you a tea instead?" I offered, not wanting to lead a brother into sin.

"No, I think it'd be alright to have half a cup.  You see yesterday I allowed myself a coffee for the sake of St Patrick.  But actually it turned out to be a pretty awful brew, so I'll have half a cup today to make up for it."

"Oh" I said.

"That probably sounds ridiculous to you" he said...


... in any sense of the word.

Cindy Jacobs mobilised a Day of Prayer for the Global Economies on October 29th.

So these Christians went down to a Wall Street statue symbolic of the global financial system.  They laid hands on a metal image of a bull and prayed.



And they sang 'God Bless America.'





Source Wonkette via Jesus Shaped Spirituality.


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