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Today we think of Christ's exclusivity as a barrier to evangelism. In the OT it was the heart of their joyful message: Who is like the LORD?

Terence McKenna: "Modern science is based on the principle: ‘Give us one free miracle, and we’ll explain the rest.’... This miracle is the appearance of all the mass and energy in the universe and all the laws that govern it in a single instant from nothing.

There is no-one like Jesus. Fact.

Perhaps the Bible does have an ontological argument for God, but with Jesus as the Subject. "None greater can be conceived" than *Him*

A God who incarnates is greater than a God who never meets us; a God who bleeds for the world is clearly greater than mere transcendence etc

Mark 10: For "little children" heaven's gates are as wide as Jesus' arms. For the self-sufficient they are as narrow as the eye of a needle.

God GIVES our life to us [Father]...
then God GIVES His life for us [Son]...
and then God GIVES His life in us [Spirit]

The Greeks believed in the immortality of the soul. Christians believe in the resurrection of the dead.

Many disputes about the Spirit (His Person, prominence, role and gifts) sounds scarily like Subordinationism vs Tritheism.

We are to be God-like (Eph5:1). According to context (Eph4:32) how does God-likeness look? It looks like lavish and undeserved forgiveness

God does not save you so He can love you. He loves you and therefore saved you. (Psalm 18:19) #LoveComesFirst

Some prayers confuse the Persons ("Father thank you for dying...") Worse, others ignore the Persons and speak of "God" in the 3rd person.

True prayer happens in the 2nd Person.

God's grace is God Himself. It is His overflowing life: the Father anointing the Son beyond measure.

A Christ-less God is as idolatrous as a Father-less Christ.

Last week and this week I had *long* convos with the same atheist after Alpha. Tonight it went Much better. The difference? We ate together

Human love comes into being thru that which is pleasing to it. God's love does not find, but creates, that which is pleasing to it. (Luther)

When engaging magicians and mediums why are Christians more likely to believe in 'contamination' than when we engage Muslims & materialists?

Jesus is Lord of all lords just as the cross is the throne of all thrones.

Jesus isn't just a Bigger Lord (as though the cross is just a Bigger throne). He conquers all Lords by serving beneath them.

As u see Jesus moving towards tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, SINNERS... hear Him say John5:19 "I only do what I see my Father doing."

The theology of the cross is "down and out". It reaches down to the depths then out to the ends of the earth.

The Arian Jesus relates to God like the moon to the sun. The Biblical Jesus relates to God like sunshine to the sun.

(Heb 1:3) The Son cannot empty Himself *of* divine glory. His divine glory *is* His self-emptying.

I don't need my daughter to change world. I just need her to know the One who already has

One man suffered&died for sin to redeem the cosmos: Christ
This only makes sense if one man suffered&died for sin to curse the cosmos: Adam

"The world was made so that Christ might be born" David Fergusson

Ecclesiastes: good&bad swallowed by grave
Job: Good suffers bad
Song: Good shares all w beloved
Prov: the wise life in union with the Good

Ecclesiastes: Life before Christ
Job: Christ the righteous servant suffers and is vindicated
Song: Union with Christ
Prov: Life in Christ

"Progressive revelation" in the Bible is fine so long as we're clear that revelation prrogresses *from* Christ not *to* Him.

Worry: talking to yourself about your problems
Prayer: talking to your Father about His promises

Romans 8 repeats "IN all these things..." IN our battles God is working to bring good, v28.

IN our suffering we are more than conquerors v37 Not "after", not "above", not "instead of", not "besides"... "IN". Right here, right now...

At best Yom Kippur hit 'snooze' on sin. The cross hit 'dismiss' forever. Hebrews 9:9-14

We are hidden WITH Christ IN God(Col3:3). Christ originally is the One taking refuge in God (cf The Psalms). Now, in Him, His refuge is ours

I'm about as interested in 'the concept of God' as I am in marrying 'a carbon based life form.' It's *Jesus* who has won my heart.

It's so sad (and common) when hurting people say "It's too hard to be Christian right now." As though Jesus is a burden borne by the strong

Re-reading the Quran (nothing to do w recent events) I'm struck again: it's overwhelmingly adjectives not verbs that are connected to Allah

Compare the instruction of the Quran with the stories of the Bible. Or the Pillars and 99 Names with the Creeds. The God of Jesus *acts*

You can doubt Christ's Lordship by bemoaning your lack of health or wealth.
You can also doubt it by bemoaning your lack of cultural power.

Sometimes debates about atonement sound like a skirmish at the temple over which sacrifice is more important. All the while Aaron's ignored.

Muhammed. Darwin. Jesus. Mao. The State. The Free Market.
Each can produce extremists, right? So think: whose radicals harm? Whose help?

People are calling my festive poem "contrived" but I think you're gonna love my ode to a scary isthmus

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