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Evangelists often slip in prayer and church as "the fine print" of the gospel offer. In fact communion with God and His people is the goal.

Loving sheep means bashing wolves.

All anger is righteous. It's just usually self-righteous.

Societies flourish under the rule of law.
Families depend on the rule of grace.

The law makes righteousness compulsory. The gospel makes it compelling.

This is why our OT theology must go beyond shadows & types. We must see how the OT already has a Christian doctrine of *God*

Trinity is not a problem to solve, it's the answer.

The Angel of the LORD is either mad, bad or God (e.g. Gen 16; 22; 48:16; Ex 3; Judges 2; 6; 13)

What a man is - alone, with an uncooperative sat nav, patchy reception and running 20 minutes late - that he is and no more.

Before Jesus baptises others, He has a baptism to undergo (Matt 3:11 -> 13-17). It's the same for us (Mark 10:39).

Such a 'baptism' means suffering in solidarity with others while knowing the Father's love, the Spirit's filling and Jesus' presence.

Baptism = an essential prerequisite for evangelism. I don't just mean conversion or an experience of the Spirit but knowing God in suffering

Quranic apologetics: U won't find a "Surah like it" (a comparable chapter of Scripture)
Biblical apologetics: U won't find a Saviour like HIM

"God is light" does not temper or qualify "God is love", it explains it. God's love blazes. God's love is a consuming fire.

Jesus does not offer 'full life' as opposed to 'mediocre life' (John 10:10).
He offers 'full life' as opposed to 'death' (John 5:24)

Life: don’t assume, presume or consume it.
Entomb it.
God will exhume it.

"And over all these virtues put on..."
...a cynical attitude?
...a witty persona?
...good looks?
...a know-it-all air?
No. "Love." (Col3:14)

The world will not flock to church 4 fun activities or cultural/philosophical analysis. The 1 thing they think we might know about is Jesus

For the Christian, "union with God" is not the finish line, it's the foundation.

Grief is hellish: "A darkness that is felt." "Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth." An absence that becomes an all-consuming presence.

Other ancient near eastern cultures: The nations are terrible but we are the best.
OT Israel: The nations are terrible but we are the worst.

Abraham, the man of faith, fulfilled the law even apart from law (Gen26:5)
Moses, the man of law, failed 2 inherit cos he broke faith (Dt32)

We are seeds. Dying to live

Christmas / Easter / Pentecost,
Crib / Cross / Crown,
Flesh / Blood / Spirit,
Bread / Wine / Water,
Jesus is given to us body, soul & spirit

Trinity was never the "deification" of Jesus (as though we know what "divine" means apart from the Son). Trinity=the Christianization of God

4th Century: The Creed= Christ Alone applied to doctrine of God
16th Century: The Reformation= Christ Alone applied to doctrine of salvation

Trinitarian debates are really about securing "Christ alone." If Jesus is THE Word of God then He cannot be inferior cos He IS the Standard.

2) Whose name do we call on for salvation? / Who is the Saviour?

3) Is Jehovah fundamentally "Father"? Without an eternal Son, He can't be, can He?

4) If the Father is a superior *being* to the Son (because He is "Head", 1Cor11:3), am I a superior being to my wife?

5) How could Jehovah be Father/Light/Speaker/Head without Christ His eternal Son/Radiance/Word/Body?

Having said all this, our JW's most striking question was this: "Why hasn't your church knocked on my door? Acts20:20" Great point!

- I can't forgive if they don't deserve it.
- You can Only forgive if they don't deserve it.

If Jesus isn't Lord I don't know who is. And neither does anyone else (John1:18; 14:6; Col1:15; 2Cor4:4).

You don't have a Jesus-shaped hole in your world. You have a Jesus-shaped world.

God's son redeemed from slavery into a whole new kingdom of life and hope - the story of Israel (Ex4:22); the story of the cosmos (Phil2)

Paul doesn't say "Let the one who boasts cut down on their boasting" he says "Let them boast in the Lord." The expulsive power of a new brag

If the narcissism of social media bothers you (and it should), the answer is not policing others or prohibiting yourself but proclaiming Him

Productive Christian living is not spinning plates or laying bricks. It's far more fruitful and far less busying. It's abiding in the Vine.

In 1Pet5:5-7 anxiety is linked to pride. We imagine our lives&futures are in our hands. We humble ourselves *by* casting our cares on God

"When you walk through the storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark... For you'll never walk alone." (Lev 26:12)

"I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better." Abraham Lincoln

In Christianity forgiving a sin is virtually the opposite of excusing a sin.

Does forgiveness pervert justice? No.
1 Forgiveness requires justice
2 Forgiveness rises above justice
3 Forgiveness re-establishes justice

"Yeah, yeah, sure. But this guy Jesus... What if *He's* actually God??" <--- #evangelism Not: "What if Jesus is GOD?" Instead: "What if JESUS is God?" The former assumes people already know God. The latter lets Jesus define Him

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