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Encore une fwoar

You know that death you fear? You died it 2000 years ago. Now you are raised, vindicated & reigning. #ChristIsYourLife #EnjoyYourDay

If the goal is 'sin minimisation' even yr grtst works can b Christless. If its 'Christ maximisation' even yr worst sins exalt His great work

Christ loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood. (Rev 1:5) #EnjoyYourDay

- "We can take 4 granted the material universe as our starting point"
- "Who is 'we'? 'We' seems an even more basic fact in our discussion."

No one ever starts with the material universe. They start with a mind experiencing and interpreting the material universe.

Materialism might appeal as an intuitive way of knowing the universe but it's those intuitions that need examining.

Feeling empty, dry, hungry? You’re meant to be. But Jesus is your Fulness, Fountain and Food. #EnjoyYourDay

Shows like The Wire prove what liturgical churches know: u don’t need 2 explain everything. Immerse people in a bigger story, they’ll get it

In Christ there’s nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to lose. #EnjoyYourDay

UK churches will introduce teaching videos in one of two ways. Either:
"Sorry this is really American", or
"Sorry this is really naff."

Your Brother rules the world, forgives all yr sins, redeems all yr mistakes & continues 2 speak kindly 2u (Gen 50:14-21). #EnjoyYourDay

You are not God’s project, you are God’s child. #EnjoyYourDay

The gospel is not that Christians can change the world. The gospel declares that Christ *has* changed the world.

The bread and butter of evangelism is not to spiritualise the odd conversation but to humanise all our interactions.

Christian: Christ lives in you. #EnjoyYourDay

If your pursuit of the Spirit is not a journey deeper into the gospel of Christ, it's not the *Holy* Spirit you seek.

Our recent free speech debates have highlighted for me the vital importance of balancing SHUT THE HELL UP with YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME

Evangelism is not "baiting the hook", it's offering Bread.

Soon your eyes will behold the King in His beauty, they will see a land that stretches afar. Isaiah 33:17 #EnjoyYourDay

According to Paul we should feel more free as a Christian than our non-Christian friends, more free than our non-Christian past (Gal 5:1,13)

If our Christianity doesn't make us More free then we've misunderstood Paul's gospel or the slavery of sin or both.

In Christ you are not only blameless in God’s sight (Col 1:22), you are unblameable (KJV). #EnjoyYourDay

"Tho I'm free & belong to no one, I've made myself a slave to all to win as many as possible" <- in God's life this is what theologians call #impassibility "Do all for God's glory" (1Cor10:31). What does that mean? Two verses later "I don't seek my own good but that of many so they may be saved" < Therefore God's glory is other-centred, servant-hearted, saving love. Of course God does all things for His glory. But that glory is not a self-centred concern but the very opposite - His sacrificial grace Jesus encamps around you (Ps 34:7). Before anything gets to you today, it has to go through Him. #EnjoyYourDay

'I have cat "Like" reflexes"'.
-- Every Facebooker

"I can’t see me lovin nobody but u for all my life" is the best love song about the unimaginable prospect of remaining devoted to yr partner

"On the day that you were born the angels got together..." is the best love song about committee decisions

"Don’t want to close my eyes, Don’t want to fall asleep" is the best love song pleading with your partner to get to the point.

"With or without u" is the best love song about whether 2 adopt American spelling.

Don't ask me how I do my Scrabble puns. Somehow I just pull it out of the bag.

I think someone's half inched my rhyming slang dictionary but I literally have no way of knowing.

I don't get it, aren't we all hoarse whisperers?

Coming soon: I’ll be offering tickets to my animal hysterectomies so watch these spays

De Niro was pretty nuts during filming of Taxi Driver but there was madness to his method.

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