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Encore des Tweets

Two profoundly Christian truths that every physicist knows: the arrow of time points relentlessly forwards. Space & time are inseparable...

Every other vision of the future either breaks apart time & space or sees the arrow as a circle or predicts it's all heading somewhere bad..

Only Christians think *this* space-time universe is headed somewhere good. Only Christians can *really* look forward to a brighter tomorrow

In other words: Happy New Year

There is a way from Trinity to aseity. There is no way from aseity to Trinity.

"If God made the world, who made God?" That's like asking "If the sun illuminates the earth, what illuminates the sun?"

The Light of the world is not one more link in the chain but the Source.

Turning over a new leaf? Ur 2000 years too late. A whole new world born from the virgin womb & virgin tomb: yours 4 free #EnjoyYourDay

Your Father is Saving Mercy personified, Jesus is Kindness on legs, the Spirit showers u with renewal & rebirth (Titus 3) #EnjoyYourDay

When Jesus took on sin, evil, chaos & death, He wasn't just showing u Who's boss (so you'd bow). He was saving you from your Enemies (so rejoice!)

When we say "Jesus is Lord" we are literally saying: "'The LORD-to-the-rescue', He is *really* LORD."

Want to preach the Lordship of Jesus? Dont just tell us Jesus is bigger than other powers, tell us how He conquered those evil powers for us

Jesus is not just the start or the finish. He’s the Way. He comprehends you & the Father and all distance between you #EnjoyYourDay

"If you're lost now, what will stop you being lost forever?" Steve Levy

I’ve read to the end of the book. It turns out really well apparently.#EnjoyYourDay

“Even if Christ were crucified 4 us 1000x it wd be vain if God's Word were not given 2me w the bidding: This is 4u, take what's yrs.” Luther

Jesus lived the life of heaven and died the death of hell so that our hellish lives can have heavenly deaths.

I’ve figured out the knack with newborns. You just resolve to become nocturnal. With the difference that you don’t sleep in the day either.

If u think there's a necessary trade-off between creative, well-produced media/art & gospel faithfulness u probably have an ugly gospel.

Through Christ’s death you are dead to: the ‘old man’; the flesh; sin; wrath; the law; principalities & powers & to the world #EnjoyYourDay

In debating the truth of materialism, immaterial factors are decisive (minds, reason, language, etc). Even if the Christian loses they win

Christian: your loving Father stands against every hell-bent tendency in u. Good news: He won’t let u destroy yourself #EnjoyYourDay

The Christian is in “the Kingdom of God’s Beloved Son” (Col 1:13). “You are my Well-Beloved” is the air we breathe. #EnjoyYourDay

Faith is not a muscle you flex. If you flex an empty hand you'll find you have a clenched fist.

Faith is not pushed out of you by your will power, faith is pulled out of you by God's promises.

Accused of blasphemy. Stood firm. Killed by religious extremists. #JesusCharlie

“Fear not little flock, it’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32) #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ, all mistakes are redeemed. All sins forgiven. All sacrifices repaid 100-fold. So what do u want 2 do today? #EnjoyYourDay

"Faith seeking understanding" is not an exceptional allowance for the religious - it's the rule for all knowledge

Belief is not a flight from Reality - it's the only way to grapple with it.

There is no Plan B, C or D with God’s salvation - only Plan Jesus. (Hebrews 13:20; Rev 13:8)

Dear Christian: "Your sins and lawless acts I will remember no more." Love, your Father. (Heb 10:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Yes they're angry but push beneath & find desperation for control, then fear, then shame. Under it all: a naked sinner crying out 2b Covered

Kids are great, but if I could suggest one improvement? Can they have a snooze button fitted? Thanks

Who called it hemorrhoid cream and not bum balm?

I’ve figured out the knack with newborns. You just resolve to become nocturnal. With the difference that you don’t sleep in the day either.

Two midwives just visited. Quick as a flash I said "Does that make you one whole wife?" Good to know I've still got it eh?

My beautician is draining excess fluids from my body. I’m pretty pumped

Why they say I lack vision I can’t imagine

At the Flatliners World Championships they always play sudden death

Whatever your beef with me I will not be cowed

Why choose a bird as party planner? It really is an extraordinary tern of events.

You want to add your fancy “wearable technology” to my trusty Casio? Not on my watch.

You can sing Frozen songs to your teacher but don't "Let it go" to your Head

I bet a common problem for composers was trying to come up with a name for their symphony first.

I know it’s a long shot but any chance of a yard of vodka?

You may call me a crotchety composer but I keep my half notes minimised

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