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O Christmas Tree

They look fresh, bright and lively, surrounded by family, fun and festivities - Christmas trees are a great picture of our human condition. We too may dress ourselves up in achievements and surround ourselves with great experiences, but we're perishing - cut off from our true Life-source in God. Thankfully, Christmas gives us the answer. Real life has been born into our world. In connection with Jesus we "may not perish but have eternal life."

Please share the video and offer true hope this Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Michael Brittain

    This is not an attack on the idea of having a Christmas tree per se, but an encouragement to take a good look at The Seed who gives life to every tree and to every one of us.He met our will to kill and destroy, our "violent blows" and was "severed, removed & rent" left forlorn, and has even - if i can stretch the metaphor - suffered more than a few re-sprays to suit our requirements! Nicely done. Very true. This should not offend anyone who really gets the point.

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