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Tweet Mouth Strikes Again

"And, like, Jesus fully committed to radical cruciformity and non-coercive relationality while investing in life-sharing mutuality. Man"

Feel you don't have it in you to be a Christian? You don't. But don't worry, it's all in Jesus (1Cor1:30) - and so are you #EnjoyYourDay

I get that some explanations of "law and gospel" can sound contrived. But if it's a restatement of "Adam and Christ", who can object?

The LORD's unfailing love&cleansing are not 4 the Ideal You. They're 4 the you that's been a sinner from birth (Psalm 51:1-9) #EnjoyYourDay

A Decent Shepherd mends fences. What kind of Shepherd DIES 4 sheep? Jesus. And He rises 2 know you & give you life 2 the full #EnjoyYourDay

Temptation is not a siren song. It's the cry of your "old man" drowning (Romans 6:1-14)

If you think you need to "preach the text" on one hand *and* "get to Christ" *on the other* - you have a Nestorian doctrine of Scripture.

Our sorrows are not senseless. They are seeds. (Ps126:5) A jubilant harvest is coming, far exceeding the tears that we sow. #EnjoyYourDay

There are no hidden catches, no secret levels. God is completely given 2u in Jesus (John3:35f). If u have Jesus u have it all #EnjoyYourDay

To those worried about making The Right Decision.... Remember, even if you choose perfectly, you're still forgiven. #EnjoyYourDay

No need to atone for the past. Nothing to prove in the future. #EnjoyYourDay

He is completely open to you (Jn15:15). He is completely given to you (Jn15:13). What a Friend we have in Jesus. #EnjoyYourDay

How patronising to sing "Do they know it's Christmas" to Africans when 20% of UK kids think Jesus is a footballer

God is not hidden behind Jesus. In Jesus - with arms outstretched to the world - He is revealed in radiant glory. #EnjoyYourDay

O ye of little faith (Matt16-17) - Be ye like little children (Matt18).
It's not so much that our faith has to increase. WE must decrease

Hilarious blindness from #BBCNews on what caused the truce on CHRISTMAS DAY. Maybe it was the power of football ON CHRISTMAS DAY. Who knows?

Crossword clue: "Spring-like (6)". Simultaneously Emma and I answered with utter certainty. She said "vernal", I said "bouncy".

As lost as ur in Adam is as saved as ur in Christ. The wretchedness u feel is more than matched by the righteousness He gives #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ, ur not just loved with the love that belongs to Him. Ur also liked with the like that He deserves #EnjoyYourDay

When a fool is chosen for a role it's explained as "a political appointment." This explains little about the choice but much about politics.

Your home is where His heart is. #Ex28 #Heb7 #EnjoyYourDay

"The law says, "do this" and it is never done. Grace says "believe in this" and everything is already done." Luther, Heidelberg Disputation

"God is committed to His name" = "The Father is committed to His Son" = "The triune God is determined to be the Gospel God of Exodus 34:6-7"

For the outcast & weak the LORD upholds, feeds, frees, gives sight, lifts, loves, watches over & sustains #Ps146 #EnjoyYourDay

- I've been demoted from donkey in this year's nativity play. Now I'm just one of the wise men's gifts
- You must be fuming.
- Incensed!

There are still spaces between the hub and the rim if you want to join our tailor made human wheel. DM me for our be spoke service

If you're just after a staple diet I recommend a fastener food restaurant.

Contract killing is pre-mediated murder

- “You are charged with breaking, entering then eating Ms Owen’s food. How do you plead?”
- “I’m her secret Santa”

- Those Japanese poems are genius.
- Meh, I’d call them High IQ.

Carlos won't say hello till Pedro shakes hands but he's shy after Fernando blanked him. I guess that's the problem of Mexicans standoff-ish

Every time I ask my wife for specifics she says "Wocka, Wocka, Wocka." She's fozzie on the details

Ton or tonne? I could go either weigh

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