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Today u COULD build yr flesh-powered CV or u cd be freed by knowing the surpassing greatness of Christ-yr-righteousness #Phil3 #EnjoyYourDay

As u wait 4 the mercy of Jesus...God is able 2 keep u from falling & 2 present u b4 His presence w/o fault & w great joy #Jude #EnjoyYourDay

3 ways to account for the problem of evil: Karma, Chaos or Christ. Only Christ lets u face the depths of the problem and hope for a solution

The first step in dealing with the problem of evil is making sure it's a *problem*.

"You're so vain... You probably think this Psalm is about you."

How does God feel about u? Indifferent? Fed up? "The LORD *longs* 2b gracious 2u. He rises up 2 show u compassion." Is30:18 #EnjoyYourDay

The LORD keeps no record of your sins! In Him is all your forgiveness so u can reverently serve Him (Ps130) #pardon #purpose #EnjoyYourDay

We're so keen to prove to atheists that we are *also* people of evidence. It's more fruitful to show that they are *also* people of faith

We feel misunderstood but we don't even know ourselves or what's best 4 us. Yet "whoever loves God is known by God." 1Cor8:3 #Enjoyyourday

In Luke22, it's not Peter's faith that "faileth not", it's Jesus' prayer! In the sifting we fall, in His lifting we're carried #EnjoyYourDay

#Luke22: By Satan we're sifted, ruthlessly, mechanically. By Jesus we're lifted, personally, prayerfully. Jesus is stronger. #EnjoyYourDay

For Paul in Athens, "the Unknown God" was the very opposite of a "point of contact". It was a point of utter confusion.

Paul's opening at the Areopagus: The one thing you guys know about God... you don't know God.

Jesus and Joshua walk into a bar. Barman says "Sorry Jesus, we don't serve your type in here."

Because Jesus is LORD, this day is not ruled by fate, chaos, karma or death. It's ruled by love. #EnjoyYourDay

“My friend knows that the world is sinking sand but she won’t come to Jesus, the Rock.” No she doesn’t. If she really knew, she'd come.

"My friend sees Jesus as the Son of God but he won't 'bow the knee'." No he doesn't. If he saw Jesus truly he wouldn't be able 2 stop bowing

God is certainly determined to be glorious. All He does displays His glory. But His glory is not self-focused, it's an outgoing radiance

Didnt dare use the pulpit today. Spoke from a lectern beneath while it quietly judged me: "That's no preaching laddie. That's barely a chat"

Jesus will transform our lowly bodies to be like His glorious body. In the meantime, we eagerly wait Phil3:20f #EnjoyYourDay

Whether it's the power of His resurrection or the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, today is 4 knowing Christ Phil3:10 #EnjoyYourDay

I'm so much more 'new media' that you all. How so? I'm going to the Christian New Media Awards as Emma's +1 #cnmac14

Romans5-8: Jesus rose to a life beyond death/sin/law/judgement into peace/righteousness/freedom/hope. This is your life now. #EnjoyYourDay..

Without God, you can feel proud for the good things in life, or lucky. But you can't feel blessed or thankful. Not really

Jesus is God's eternal "LIKE" coming down from heaven. So be free from every other need for affirmation and #Enjoyyourday

God's love is not shallow or distant. He's entered the depth of our humanity & brought us 2 the height of His divinity #EnjoyYourDay..

If you are a Christian your very element is now light and love, freedom and forgiveness. Col1:12-14 #EnjoyYourDay

"U were washed, u were sanctified, u were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & by the Spirit of our God" 1Cor6:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Faith is not the condition of the gospel, it's the fruit of the gospel.

Therefore preaching a free gospel does not negate faith, it creates it.

Jesus joined the transgressors (Isaiah 53:12) so you could join the Trinity (Galatians 4:6). #EnjoyYourDay

- You've lived 30 years on Loch Ness and never discussed the monster?
- It never came up.

At tonight's antenatal class we learnt that the baby is rotated at the point of delivery. Must remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey

Mount Snowden: sneaky peak

Over-worked toilet cleaners get time off in loo.

One of the most audacious surgeries is to pluck the cheek nerve. It's second only to castration. That really takes balls.

Every Welsh town loves its sheep, but none more than Lambpetter.

They're friendly *and* the most multi-talented of insects: the pally moth

Wait, is reification a thing now?

You want More demonstrative pronouns? You're persistent, I'll give you That

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