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Tweet-a-geddon 3000

"I hate myself, I'm ugly" usually means "I think I deserve to look better than I do." If u really hated yourself, u'd be Glad you were ugly

The LORD is compassionate & gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love which stretches from everlasting to everlasting. #Ps103 #EnjoyYourDay

A perfect description of how the flesh and the Spirit interact: "My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!" Ps119:25

Feeling lost? Don't try to find yourself. Finding a lost person aint much of a find! The good news is someone from Home has come to find you

In all yr suffering, know the LORD Jesus wooing u from the jaws of distress to a spacious place of freedom&feasting. Job36:16 #EnjoyYourDaY

Psalms 14-16 are a powerful law-gospel presentation. ‘No-one seeks God’; only ‘clean hands’ will do; then at last a Man conquering sin&death

Jesus knows out worst and loves us anyway. Therefore we have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, nothing to hide and nothing to prove #freedom

In the pub, if u give me an empty glass it's a demand (my round! I must pay). If u push a full glass it's an offer to be received & enjoyed...

...Jesus gives us a law filled full with his perfect obedience and gracious presence (Matt5:17). It's an offer to be received and enjoyed.

If Jesus' cross was worth it 'for the joy set before him', how much more will our little crosses be worth it. #futuresbright #EnjoyYourDay

"You need to Get your identity in Jesus" is not the gospel. The gospel is "Jesus has purchased u, body & soul, at the cross... He's Got you"

Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call. #MaybeToday #EnjoyYourDay

Why does the *resurrection* prove that Jesus is Lord? Because apart from Christ, death is Lord.

We all want to take charge without taking responsibility.
The cross is Jesus taking charge *by* taking responsibility.

< Since this is so, there is no way to give responsibility for our sins to Jesus without giving Him charge of our lives. It's the same thing Everything heads for the grave but one man came back. He's worth investigating. Check out church tomorrow. Ask me for suggestions near you. In Christ, today's sins will be forgiven, mistakes redeemed, sorrows soothed but yr labours 4 the Lord will endure (1Cor15) #EnjoyYourDay Don't you wish you could be new? Free from the slavery of sin? In Jesus it's happened. #Rom6 #EnjoyYourNewIdentity #EnjoyYourDay Let's re-purpose a Luther quote... Preaching happens far above the preacher in Christ's own communicative grace, and far beneath the preacher in an evident love 4 the hearers << Preaching doesn't really happen on the preacher's level. It's not a polished performance in the hands of 'a communicator.' Preaching requires an effusive love of Jesus and an evident love for people, but beware of a substitute love: a mere love of *preaching* #Rom8 Here's what belongs to you: Creation, The Spirit, Christ, All Providence and the eternal, unloseable love of God #EnjoyYourDay ALL your sin laid on Christ. ALL His righteousness given to you. #EnjoyYourDay The top reason for a preacher to use non-Christiany language is to reach *Christians* with the gospel. We need to hear the good news afresh Don't feel like u 'deserve' 2b forgiven? U don't! That's why it's *forgiveness*. But "thru Jesus forgiveness is proclaimed to u" Acts13:38 Jesus is able 2 save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. #Heb7 #EnjoyYourDay The three Persons are not triplets. There is a shape to God's life. From Father through Son by Spirit and, so... OUT... "Preachers: Is *Jesus* the prize you hold out in the gospel? Or is He merely the ticket you get to something else?" (@mike_reeves) I will bring u out, free u, redeem u, take u as my own. I will b yr God & bring u2 the promised land, I will give it 2u. Ex6 #EnjoyYourDay "That moment you realise you shoulda listened to God and now you're naked in public!" #FirstWorldProblem If you seek your life you end losing it. You become less of a self - merely selfISH Hey @KendalChristianBookshop, can I get an RT, Kendal? We all know that dropping a church piano down a quarry gives you A flat minor. Not many realise that Gsus provides a major lift. #1PUN Looks to me like English coastal towns are just copying French beaches... #Plagiarism I find breathing techniques inspirational #1PUN No-one can be sure who invented the omelette au poulet. It’s a chicken and egg thing #1PUN Lost my job as a cowboy. I had 99.7 head of cattle but just couldn’t round them up. Don’t follow links to . It’s just clock-bait Usually introverts love my video games but they hate my new bespoke update: Personal Space Invaders #1PUN I’d love to join your miniature Hindustani band tonight. Unfortunately I can’t get a baby sitar #1PUN If you think I’m going to remake an 80s horror B-movie you’ve got another thing coming #1PUN I'm a career fisherman. Always angling for a promotion Life coaches eh? First it's "Reach for the sky" but then "Don't be a hero." You complain and they stab you & take your wallet. #LifeCoaches To lose one MP may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both looks #Reckless.

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