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Some Tweets – Mainly Tchaff

I consider my next three tweets as an artistic whole. A twiptych if you will...

1. She said she half-inched my rhyming dictionary. No idea what she meant...

2. Next she stole my thesaurus. There are no words...

3. Turns out she works for the OED. Explains a lot.


Who wants to play #FinishThePun? It's like a cryptic crossword, only full of lolz and roflz. Round One...

#FinishThePun It's amazing to me how some people actually enjoy making spreadsheets of their favourite flavours...

@LauraMason82: I guess there's no accounting for taste

#FinishThePun #RoundTwo Apparently a French doctor can be laid low by a single sweetener...

@rockbadger: just a spoonful of sugar makes the médecin go down”

Tricky one 4 our final round #FinishThePun When making egg-based meals u must disregard the examples given 2u by the cookbooks. After all...

@fearners: to make an omelette you've got to break some e.g.s


God worked a universe out of nothing, He reworked it out of sin, death and curse. I reckon He can do something with you. #EnjoyYourDay

A life of cross-shaped service is not the price of eternal life - it is the nature of it.

Either God loves you to death or Jesus has been sending crazy mixed messages. #EnjoyYourDay

4 Cs to look out for in marriage counselling. Cruelty and cowardice (esp in men). Contempt and control (esp in women).

<< Cowardice and contempt are a particularly brutal and self-perpetuating combination.

A neat trick for gauging when to travel on the M25:
- Subtract the junction ur entering from 25.
- Convert to 24hour time.
- Wrong

In the flesh we are but dust and ashes. By the Spirit-filled King we are crowned with beauty and the oil of gladness (Is61) #EnjoyYourDay

A minister on holidays prays: "Plz take care of my flock while I'm away." The Lord replies "Who do u think takes care of it while ur there?"

Today, remember you are loved at your very worst, by the very Best. Rom 5:8 #EnjoyYourDay

In Num6 the single name of the LORD is a triple movement: 1) A Fountain of Blessing 2) Radiant Grac; 3) Personal Peace #TrinitAaronBlessing

The Bible is not God's word simply b/c certain verses claim it 2b so. That wd be a stupid circularity. It's God's word b/c in it God speaks

Life is not a race against the clock. Jesus is Resurrection. Time is not ‘running out’ – not ultimately. Jn11 #EnjoyYourDay

God's being: Life poured out and received again >>
The gospel: Cross and Resurrection >>
The world: Suffering and Glory.

We are SEATED with Christ, Eph1-3; WALK by Christ, Eph4-5 & STAND in Christ, Eph6. (Nee) We Never climb. #OnTopOfTheWorld #EnjoyYourDay

Yowsers. On this page ( ) u can listen 2 me on evangelism. Or 2 Don Carson or Dick Lucas. You Decide!

It’s a good thing to have a problem with evil. Evil is evil. The real problem would be not having a problem.

Hell is not at odds with a God of love. We are. Hence hell.




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