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Picking the places of honour

burgundyA Parable (Which May Just Have Happened).

Once upon a conference, an unknown speaker gave a talk to a small seminar grouping. Let's call him the Little Fish.

Later the Little Fish listened to a moderately well-known speaker at a larger seminar grouping. Let's call him the Big Fish.

After the seminar the Little Fish spoke to the Big Fish and shared his appreciation of the Big Fish's ministry. The two spoke for a good 5 or ten minutes but as they left the seminar room together the Big Fish spotted the Biggest Fish.

The Biggest Fish was the plenary speaker for the whole conference, and there he was, waiting for an elevator. Immediately conversation with the Little Fish was cut short.

"Hello Biggest Fish." said the Big Fish. "Are you off to dinner? Can I join you?"

The Big Fish and the Biggest Fish entered the elevator. The Little Fish smiled and walked on alone - praying forgiveness for any times he'd done the same.


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