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Podcast: Does Religion Poison Everything?


Christopher Hitchens wrote the book “God is not great- how religion poisons everything.” Is there truth to the charge?

What do we mean when we say Religion?

Is Christianity in a category along with all the other religions?

What do we make of Jefferson Bethke’s video Jesus Vs Religion?

Is religion really the cause of all wars? (Hint: No, only about 7%)

How does 321 help to answer the question?






1 thought on “Podcast: Does Religion Poison Everything?

  1. Brian Midmore

    Dawkins and co's arguments about religion require the presupposition that God does not exist (the very thing they are trying to prove): God does not exist, therefore all religions are false, therefore all religion is bad, therefore God does not exist. Religion is a very amorphous word; football is a kind of religion to some. The tendency in Christianity is to define religion as the doxy and praxis of the church down the road, not what we do and believe in our church. For some ritual has become the bugbear; avoid ritual and you avoid being religious. But often the more we try to be unreligious the more religious we become. It is much better to focus on doing true religion as James puts it rather than avoiding our superficial idea of false religion.

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