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Tweet-os – Now With Added Vitamin Twee

God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1John5:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Philippians 4:6 “@trouteyes: If you're anxious and you know it, clasp your hands.”

Groaning under the weight of your “sacrifices” 4 the gospel? Don’t think sacrifice, think sound investment (Mark 10:29-30) #EnjoyYourDay

Feel like many critiques of law/gospel preaching are really rejections of gospel/gospel preaching. At which point we can all agree

‘In the shadow of your wings I take refuge til the storm has passed.’ (Ps57) The storm will pass and the refuge is secure. #EnjoyYourDay

#TheGospel: Not diplomatic immunity for a foreign land. Rescue /from/ a dark kingdom into a realm iridescent with the Father's love Col1:13f

Two lines to use in evangelism: "That's why I'm not an atheist..." and "That's why I'm not a Muslim..."

<< When we differentiate the gospel from both atheism *and* Christless theism, the surprising glory of Jesus will shine

UR: a member of Christ; 1spirit w Him; purchased by His blood; sharing in His resurrection; a temple of His Holy Spirit #1Cor6 #EnjoyYourDay

- I have the best IT guy. I trust him to fix *any* problem
- I wish I had your faith
- U don't need my faith, u need my guy

MT “@UCBMedia: If u died&yr body exhumed wd they find God's name written on yr heart?” Nope, only worms. But my name is written on HIS heart

Your connection with God is Not up to yr prayers or yr piety. It’s up to yr Priest. And He ever lives to intercede 4u #EnjoyYourDay

“As I move thru our passage I have 4 thoughts to share.” I’d skip this sermon but my playlist is full of the like. Where are the preachers?

The chief description of preaching in the NT is 'heralding' (kerusso). Would that be the chief descriptor of our preaching?

Preaching is Hollaring. Not Dollaring, Collaring, Drole-aring or Scholar-ing #Hollaring

The God of 'God is love' is not the Three but the Father. The love of 'God is love' is not expressed in a heavenly group hug but on a cross

What kind of God is He? The kind that puts everything on hold because a woman in need tugs at His shirt. #Jesus #Mark5 #EnjoyYourDay

And the next "No kids eh? ENJOY IT!" comment will receive a two hour Bible study on childlessness. #TryMe

God is pulling all things through the cross and out the empty tomb #EnjoyYourDay

You're on trial for killing the Judge's son. He forgives you and offers his daughter's hand in marriage. #Pentecost #Acts2

Ironically, unless you've already seen it they won't let you catch 22 Jump Street

Hurt people hurt people. And loved people love people.

Receive each word ‘our Light & Momentary Troubles Are Achieving For Us an Eternal Weight of Glory that Far Outweighs them All’ #EnjoyYourDay

Preach primarily to the will? Noah and the Whale say: "You can give up anything when you're following your heart" #BiblicalAnthropology

"Tell people about Christ and they'll read their bibles. Tell them to read their bibles and they'll feel guilty." Steve Levy

"Tell people about Christ and they'll do evangelism. Tell people to do evangelism and they'll feel guilty." Steve Levy

The voice of the LORD twists oaks & strips forests bare. Some in His temple cry “Glory”, others question the relevance of monologue Ps29:9

Want to reboot your life? Hold your nose while depressing your belly-button for 5 seconds. Failing that, try Jesus: 2Cor5:17 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is your salvation, your clothing, your food, yr shelter, yr reputation. Now those r taken care of, what do u want 2 do? #EnjoyYourDay

The oneness of God is:
1) without remainder,
2) the indivisible oneness of being
3) b/w the Son & His Father in the Spirit.
We need all 3

Update: everyone Loves the polka dots and we're all going to be besties forevs #StagFabulous

The year acc. to Lev23:
Passover => Firstfruits => Pentecost
Trumpets => Atonement for land&people => Tabernacles

Like Bubba Watson I'm tweeting gospel from the golf course. Also like Bubba Wats... no, that's it :-/

"Why do you call me the True and Better David? David called me his Known and Present Lord." Jesus, Mark12:35-37. Paraphrase.

In History: Incarnation, Cross, Exaltation
In Christ: Flesh, Blood, Spirit
In Us: body, soul, spirit

Genesis: Snakes and Ladders
Psalms: Hide and Seek

Galatians: Noughts and Crosses
1Peter: Simon Says

Joshua: Conkers
Romans: More than Conkers

Leviticus: Keep-Away-Pick-Up-Sticks combo

Leviticus: Pass the Pigs
Jonah: Keep Away

I lead. Others unfollow

Joel: Cricket(s)
Revelation 8: Hurling

1 Corinthians 1: Crosswords
Job 38-41: Hungry, Hungry Hippos**
**May be an elephant or water buffalo. Scholars disagree

1 thought on “Tweet-os – Now With Added Vitamin Twee

  1. Brian Midmore

    Is not the issue 'what is the gospel?' If we believe that sola fide is at the heart of the gospel then law/gospel will be important to us. The gospel for us will be 'it isnt by own attempt to keep to the law that I am saved but by trusting in what Jesus has done for me'. If law/gospel is at the heart of the gospel then a critique of law/gospel will be heard as a critique of the gospel. But if you read Peter's sermon on the day of Pentecost law/gospel does not really show. The gospel for Peter is: Jesus is God's Messiah; God has raised him from the dead; repent and be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit and become his follower. For me this is the essential gospel and is backed up by Paul in Romans 10. 9.

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