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Halloween Resources

Feel free to play our Halloween video in church and/or to share on social media.

For the thinking behind this presentation read this or listen here.

For an all-age song to teach about light triumphing over darkness, here's Jesus Our Risen Sun.

And for the trick or treaters knocking on your door, why not hand out these cards with the video details on them:

Halloween Video Card

Here's the PDF - Print off (in colour is best) - each A4 sheet makes 8 calling cards.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Resources

  1. Stephanie

    Any chance of some references for this info? Not doubting you, necessarily; just wondering why it's so widely believed that Halloween has its roots in paganism if it actually has its roots in the church - would like to do some wider reading. Thanks!

  2. Glen

    Hi Stephanie,

    It suits the new age to say that Christians just capitulated to 'Sam Hain', but we know absolutely nothing about Sam Hain. Halloween's origins are definitely Christian.

    There's certainly an argument to be had about what it has become today and what kind of involvement Christians should have now. But it certainly began as a Christian festival. (See the link above which contains many other links)

    Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Thaddeus

    Samhain (pronounced sawen in Irish) is a pagan festival and is druidic/pagan festival, begun in Ireland. The RC church christianized it and brought it into their 'christian' ecclesiatical calendar, where the graves of the dead (All Souls) were blessed. This happened at the end of October.

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