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I Done Tweets

Halloween Video nearly ready:

#Luther 1/3 "How amazing it is that the Son of God becomes my servant, that He humbles Himself & cumbers Himself with my misery & sin."

#Luther 2/3 "Christ says to me: 'You are no longer a sinner, but I am. I am your substitute. You have not sinned, but I have....'

#Luther 3/3. "Christ says to us: '...The entire world is in sin. However, UR not in sin; but I am. All yr sins are 2 rest on Me & not on u.'

Christ is wrapped in the Scriptures as in swaddling clothes. Preaching is the crib where He is seen & from which we take our food. #Luther

There is a God who reigns from the cross, turning deicide into divine glory. He will redeem you from *all* evil. (Gen 48:16) #EnjoyYourDay

I cannot emphasize /**THAT**/ enough

- "Were there many factors that inspired such a speedy overture?" - "Only time" (Will Tell)

Strange, you can call a Welshman dim, but it means nothing to him.

Nice review of @321Gospel by @ArthurGDavis LINK

Law: "If you... Then He'll..." Gospel: "Since He... You are..."

The LORD cares particularly for the orphan, the widow & the sojourner. Well, the Father adopts us, the Son marries us & the Spirit seals us.

Visited a church where Many older men regaled me with their spiritual CVs. Lord save me from CV-building now so I won't be CV-boasting then

Our hearts go out, but not like His: "When the Lord saw her His heart went out to her. He said 'Don't cry'" Lk7:13 #EnjoyYourDay

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sjerikiehhgwu #typofilms

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spew #typofilms #better

When Happy Met Silly #typofilms

When Hairy Met Pally #typofilms

Nick Cave's dark western about a Grammar Nazi out for revenge: The Preposition" #typofilms

John McClane takes on the badger cull: "Die Herd" #typofilms

"Things would have turned out very differently if Vin Diesel's parents had had a *nice* bottle of wine that night." (@kerihw)

The true Lord of this world is not death, decay, power, money, fate or some uncaring god. It's Jesus and He's for you #EnjoyYourDay

The point of the preaching aint the passage but the Person proclaimed in the passage.

An admission that we in our circles have little theology of preaching (I include myself as a debtor to PT) LINK

When we render 'confess your sins to one another' as 'join an accountability group' MUCH is lost in translation.

Whatever it holds, today is another day closer to seeing His face. #EnjoyYourDay

"ALL who exalt themselves will be humbled but HE who humbles Himself will be exalted." (Mat23:12) The whole world lifts up, Jesus comes down

Outrageous and eye-opening: MT @PastorJoshW: "Today I was arrested for preaching the Gospel. "

Man is the operating system of the universe. 1.0 (Adam) was corrupted, 2.0 (Christ) fixes all bugs & takes us to a new level. #UpgradeNow

In Adam - tho u'd done Nothing - u were caught up in curse. In Christ - tho u've done Nothing - ur heir of all blessings #EnjoyYourDay

God's plan for world evangelization (SPOILER: it's church!) LINK by @PastorSteveJeff

Dear Twitter, I really *really* Really don't care about your meals, your runs or your iPhone updates. Much love, Glen

@PrestonSprinkle is interviewed by @mbird12, and makes a great Christian case for nonviolence. LINK

An Historical Critique of Islam's Beginnings speaker Jay Smith LINK

Our Saviour sent Kindness to justify you and poured out Cleansing to renew you. (Titus3:4-7) #Trinity #Salvation #EnjoyYourDay

To all those struggling with your iPhone updates... I'm sorry for your Ios

Some call me lazy. Let them.

I don't mean to judge but naming your children after diseases is cruel. Especially if your surname is Ridden.

I'm always wondering how @DerrenBrown might trick me. Hypnothetically speaking.




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  1. Bob Graham

    Thanks again for a wonderful work Glen. We all need a reminder now and then that light wins over darkness.

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