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Tolkein's chat with Lewis dramatised: Myths are not 'lies breathed thru silver/' The Gospels are the true myth!

How did Adam rule? Preaching: naming the 1st creation acc.2 his word. How do we rule? Preaching: naming the new creation acc.2 the 2nd Adam

Laurence Krauss's gigantic royalty cheque from nothing: LINK

Believe it or not, I spent all last week trying to figure out an anagram for "I put". Couldn't make it up.

Bertrand Russell wasn't far wrong, it's just that we *have* already died and rotted. The Bible word is "perishing"

In Jesus, God does not treat you like His child. You *are* His child. He *is* your Father. #EnjoyYourDay

Just nodded to a student with camping gear on the train to #Forum2013. He frowned at the old man smiling at him. Keep forgetting I'm not 19

Going from Eastbourne to #Forum2013 is the age equivalent of visiting Lilliput.

He was crushed for the crushed. He was lifted for the lowly. (Isaiah 53:5; 57:15). #EnjoyYourDay

"Falling away from grace" is not so much about scandal as about scrupulosity. (Inspired by Terry Virgo) #ForumMoments

Trying 2please Jesus thru the law is like trying 2please yr new husband by going back 2yr old one. #Romans7 #TerryVirgo #ForumMoments

The law is like those who brought the adulteress to Jesus in John 8 (Gal3:24) #TerryVirgo #ForumMoments

God is the God of JESUS, the Spirit is the Spirit of JESUS, grace is the gift of JESUS, faith is receiving JESUS, salvation is union w JESUS

Your emptiness is all you have. Christ's fullness is all you need. #EnjoyYourDay

"It's not for the Israelites to see the blood. The LORD sees the blood and passes over." (@TerryVirgo) #Forum2013 #ForumMoments

"There's Adam, there's Christ. There is no 3rd category of elite Christians." (@TerryVirgo) #Forum2013 #ForumMoments

As the Father has loved Christ - eternally, paternally, unreservedly, unremittingly - so has Christ loved you. John15:9 #EnjoyYourDay

YALTATITSO! From #CharlieSkrine (You Actually Live Twice And This Is The Spare One) #ForumMoments #Forum2013

Preaching should be Declarative, Doctrinal and Devotional. And if you can avoid 3 alliterative points, so much the better

Faith does not activate the gospel, the gospel activates faith.

Jesus signs all His letters "Yours forever". Whatever else He gives- commands/promises/warnings- ultimately He gives Himself #EnjoyYourDay

TRUE FACT: The top B-flat of a soprano's range can cause listeners mild heart arrhythmia. Still, worse things happen at C.

"The church can truly welcome all people only b/c it refuses 2affirm anyone’s identity!" @SteveRHolmes on sexuality. LINK

Really enjoyed these talks from @TerryVirgo at #Forum2013 LINK

"Is it not wonderful news to believe that salvation lies outside ourselves?" Luther

“Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”-Anne Lamott

Loving hearing about God's "Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love" in tonight's sermon (@sallylloydjones)

Whatever valley you walk through, the Good Shepherd is ahead while 'goodness and love' pursue you. (Psalm 23) #EnjoyYourDay

A recent comment on my King's English video!
KE Comment

From the overflow of the Father's heart His Word is revealed. His Word is Life, Joy and Forgiveness (Matt12:34; 1John1) #EnjoyYourDay

The threefold Name be upon you: Blessing/Keeping; Shining/Gracing; Giving Presence/Peace #EnjoyYourDay

For more on how Trinitarian Numbers 6 is: LINK  #TrinitAaron

Another great resource from @10ofthose - The Word 1-2-1 - read John's Gospel with a friend:

"There are three basic eucharistic approaches -- sacrifice, sacrament, and sacramementos." @douglaswils

The Judge of all is your Advocate! #CantLose #EnjoyYourDay

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