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John 17 sermon

John 17

Unfortunately the sermon didn't record but here are my slides and below are my notes for a recent sermon on John 17:1-19.

JOHN 17:1-19

Split up congregation into 6 groups. Ask each group to address a different "picture"...



Before the world began: 17:24. The Holy Spirit was also there: 16:15.  Three Persons united in love. A fountain of love opened to the world.
So what? So EVERYTHING. Let me show you...


Not a lonely endeavour. Not doubtful.  John 17:1 High Priestly Prayer. Describe the Day of Atonement.
Christ carrying us on His heart before the Father.  We're not yelling up to heaven, we're at God's right hand, whispering in ear.


Eternal life is not a place or a time. Verse 3 - here and now it's JESUS.
What does this mean? Eternal life is entering God's family. It begins now, stretches on forever.

Some say "Isn't it narrow that Jesus is the only way to eternal life?" But no, Jesus is eternal life!


What is the highest height of Godness? The deepest depth of deity? Zeus throwing a thunderbolt?
No – v2-5: The Father sending His Son. The cross. v2-5

You might find it difficult to comprehend the love of the trinity before the world began - you're not alone. None of us can really wrap our heads around it. But Jesus says He can show us what it looks like. It looks like the cross. John 10:17 - "the reason the Father loves Him is He lays down His life." Life poured out is the eternal essence of God. The Lamb at the centre of the throne (Rev 7:17) This God is for you with every drop of His blood. Don’t you want this God?


Not a nose in the air or a back turned to the world. NO! A face towards the world. v17-19
Of course! God = an outgoing community of self-giving love. Godliness looks exactly the same.


The Christian life is not an upgrade to first class. It's not a burden, plodding along. There are two realities to consider with the Christian life.  Verse 14-16: The World, the Flesh and the Devil! But also (v1-5) Christ our High Priest.
Question: Are we in the world or in Christ? Answer: Both!  (16:33)

So then, how to live?
We cling onto Christ's WORD: (8,13,14). The word brings joy because by the Spirit it communicates the Father's love for the Son - a love which is ours in Christ.

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