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Podcast: Atheism part 3 of 4

TEP-PodcastCover-1024x1024Having discussed what atheists get right, here we talk about what atheists miss...

  1. Atheists are believers too
  2. A non-miraculous account of reality is impossible
  3. Materialism undermines itself
  4. There's goodness in the world
  5. There's goodness in us
  6. Atheism doesn't describe the world we live in





1 thought on “Podcast: Atheism part 3 of 4

  1. Howard Nowlan

    Good Podcast. What it really shows is that the ultimate reality for atheists is not only devoid of meaning, it's devoid of anything! Life, goodness, beauty, even truth, are just temporary interruptions at best amidst eternal nothingness - what a bleak conclusion to all that we encounter. Solomon, of course, reached the same conclusion - it is all pretty pointless without the one behind life. It is His nature, His boundless care, that gives everything true place and value.

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