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Epic Twitter Battles: Round 1


kerihw versus GlennyRodge (1-9th August, 2013)


kerihw: I have glasses now.


GlennyRodge: You look racist. x


kerihw: And you continue to look like a tramp warming himself around a fire he's started in a bin x.


GlennyRodgeCollector of fridge magnets.


kerihw: Teaspoon non-rinser.


GlennyRodge'Pacific' when you mean 'specific' sayer.




GlennyRodge: Top Gear watcher.


kerihw: You walk past Big Issue sellers and pat your pockets like you have no change and do a face.


GlennyRodge: You put the children's sides up at the bowling alley but still only score 83.


kerihw: Medium peri-peri sauce at Nandos user.


GlennyRodge: "Not three bad, thanks" sayer.




GlennyRodge: Jammies actually. No, wait. You phone up polls they have on the telly and vote 'don't know'. All the time.


kerihw: Dave Ja Vu watcher.


GlennyRodge: Only male in the Barry Manilow fan club.


kerihw: Extended warranty purchaser.


GlennyRodge: You always have the right change.


kerihw: You prefer shredless.


GlennyRodge: Ross is your favourite Friends character.


kerihw: You still don't understand what happened at the end of Usual Suspects.


GlennyRodge: You wee into the middle of the pan so everyone can hear you.


kerihw: None of your porcelain cats are part of a pair.


GlennyRodge: You don't like the yellow blanket because "it's a bit too scratchy".


kerihw: You think margarine is goose butter.


GlennyRodge: When handed the box of chocolates, you spend 15 minutes choosing, for crying out loud.


kerihw: You don't understand buttons.


GlennyRodge: Sleeper


kerihw: Wealdstone fan.


GlennyRodge: 'There's nowt as queer as folk' sayer.


kerihw: You keep eggs in the fridge.


GlennyRodge: When playing board games, everyone has to wait for you to read the rules, no matter how many times you've played the game before.


kerihw: You hail buses you have no intention of boarding.


GlennyRodge: Only person under 70 that says "strewth".


kerihw: You don't put dvds back in the right case.


GlennyRodge: You consistently confuse Portsmouth with Plymouth.


kerihw: You watch Channel 5 news.


GlennyRodge: You refuse to play monopoly unless you're the dog.


kerihw: On Streetfighter II, you would voluntarily be Guile.


GlennyRodge: You include David Niven in a list of James Bonds.


kerihw: You get confused between AAA and AA batteries.


GlennyRodge: You use a steering wheel lock even though you have a car alarm because "you can't put a price on piece of mind".


kerihw: You spoil everyone's fun on bouncy castles by bombing.


GlennyRodge: You keep calling yourself The Kezmeister in a vain attempt that it'll catch on.


kerihw: You just save all your files on your desktop.


GlennyRodge: You're only truly happy when you're doing your puzzles.


kerihw: When you sing "We Didn't Start The Fire" in the shower you can only remember as far as "Children of thalidomide".


GlennyRodge: Every Christmas you insist on showing younger bemused relatives your Frank Spencer impression.


kerihw: You wear running shoes to do cross-training.


GlennyRodge: Unnecessarily loud sneezer.




GlennyRodge:  @TheBathBird @kerihw I'm a little sorry that he's now cowering in the trounced corner. It was good fun.


kerihw: Yeah, cowering. LIKE A FOX. Lynx wearer.




Continued here...



5 thoughts on “Epic Twitter Battles: Round 1

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  2. Chap

    Hey, you may want to check your page's web source. Line 274 has a bunch of spam cruft in it. Please feel free to delete this comment, though--I don't want to detract from the epicness.

  3. Glen

    Thanks Chap, yes I'm discovering it's a bit of a beast. Am gonna have to delete and reinstall the blog fairly soon. Ta for letting me know

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