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On How I’m More Faithless Than My Cats

Cat at PrayerA repost from 2 years ago...

Witness this internal dialogue...

- "Silly cats!" I say to myself as I feed them one evening. "They probably don't know what time it is, seeing as how the days are lengthening and everything.  They probably have no idea why the seasons change like this.  Not like me.  Tsk Tsk"

Another thought clears its throat:

- "Ahem.  Glen, please do enlighten us, in your superior wisdom... why do the seasons change like this?"

Now I'd dealt with myself before, so I had a pretty good idea what I was up against.  There was sure to be a cunning trap laid ahead.  Cautiously I proffered...

- "Well isn't it to do with the tilt of the earth and our orbit round the sun?"

There was a pause.  Darn it.  I know I've thought something dumb when there's a pause...

- "... Hmmm.  And that's why the seasons change is it??"

Curses! He's always one step ahead!

- "No" I groaned "I suppose it's not why the seasons change."

- "Well then, do tell me why the seasons change."

- [Sigh] "Because they witness the progression of the gospel from Fall, through Death, to Firstfruits and then to Glorious Summer."

- "Bravo Glen!  Bravo!" (honestly I'm can be so condescending sometimes. Do you know how infuriating it is to be talked down to by yourself? I just wish someone would take me down a peg or two...)  "And yet your instinctive explanation for the significance of the seasons was the tilt of the earth?  Well you're right, the cats  may not "know" such exalted mysteries, but I wonder whether their view of reality is as faithless as yours - Psalm 104 and all that. So Glen, pray tell, is the gospel a gloss on "the natural world" or is it its heart and soul?"

- "Yeah, fine, well done Glen. Outwitted again. Next time though, keep your thoughts to yourself."

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