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Sermons Updated

I've updated my sermons page to include my latest preaching, aaaaand - far more excitingly - I've updated my other sermons page to include lots of great preachers you should really listen to.

Preachers like...

Paul Blackham

PaulBlackhamDeclarative in tone, doctrinal in content, devotional in aim, Paul preaches Jesus from all the Scriptures. (More on why Paul's one of my favourite preachers).

Some Classics:

Why isn’t good, good enough (Philippians 3) - video  audio.

Jesus Christ: Hope of the Ages (Genesis 3) – video  audio.

What of those who have never heard?  (Colossians 1)  audio.

To A City That Repented (Jonah)  audio.

Preaching at the party (Luke 7) audio

Romansfest – 15 talks on Romans with Tom Parson audio

Fear (Psalm 34) audio

All Sermons from All Souls, Langham Place

All Sermons from Tarleton Farm Fellowship


Mike Reeves

Mike ReevesChrist-centred, Trinitarian, affective preaching that shows off the beauty of the Lord.
(More on why Mike is one of my favourite preachers).

Some classics:

Introduction to the Psalms (Psalm 1) audio

The book of Job (Job 42:7-17) audio

The temptations of Christ (Luke 4:1-11) audio

Christ has indeed been raised from the dead (1 Cor 15:12-34) audio

Out of the depths (Psalm 130) audio

The two cups (Matthew 26:36-46) audio

The book of Philippians (Phil 3:1-11) audio

Trinity part 12,  3,   4

The Loving FatherThe Beautiful SonThe Heart-Melting Spirit

"The Sacraments"

Enjoying the Cross

All 12 of Mike Reeves’ “Great Theologians”


All Sermons from All Souls, Langham Place 

All Talks from 


Steve Levy

Steve Levy Christ-obsessed, church-loving, passionate preacher of a raw gospel.
(More on why Steve is one of my favourite preachers)

Classic Sermons:

Hell (Genesis 3; John 3; Romans 1)

Preaching and Prayer (Ephesians 6:19-20; Ezekiel 37)

Psalm 22

John 6:1-15

John 6:28-40

John 6:40-60

Hebrews 4:12-5:4

Mission Strategy i.e. go to work 6 days a week!

 All Sermons from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Swansea


Rich Owen

Genesis 27 Wonderful sermon on election

Romans 8:18-25

Four Thoughts on Mission

Manasseh’s conversion (2 Chronicles 33)

1 Corinthians 2  

All Sermons from CEC Leeds

Dev Menon

Dev's Ascension Sermon is out of this world

2 Corinthians 4

2 Timothy 2

Sermons from Zion Bishan Bible Presbyterian Church


Ben Myers

9 Sermons on the Apostles Creed


Tim Keller

For an introduction, see especially The Prodigal God

All Free Redeemer Sermons

A Collection of Other Online Sermons and Resources


Darrell Johnson

 Sermons from First Baptist, Vancouver 


Cathy Deddo

Stronger than you think: The journey towards wholeness - Talks to a women's retreat


Rory Shiner

4 Talks on Union with Christ

All Sermons from St Matthew's Unichurch 


Tom Parsons

 Check out Tom's and Paul Blackham's awesome Romans series

Talks and sermons from All Souls, Langham Place

Sermons from St John's Hensingham

 Sermons from Christ Church, Sidcup


Steve Nichols

Sermons from St Andrew's, Plymouth


Marcus Nelson

Sermons from St Andrews, Plymouth


Leon Sim

Sermons from Emmanuel, Plymouth


Luke Ijaz

Sermons from Holy Trinity, Redhill


Tom Lake

Sermons from St Mildred's, Lee


Michael Ramsden

As a communicator (especially to students) Michael Ramsden's pretty hard to beat.

See especially his Luke 15 sermon.

Sermons from St Aldates


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  1. Glen

    Oops - just added two more. Can't believe I forgot to include you (and Rich). Updated now.

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