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Easter Sermon – Isaiah 50




Here’s the good news:  You and I are sinking in quicksand.  Jesus appears to say "Don't worry, I'm here to save you." He promptly dives in and sinks like a stone before us. When Jesus dies it looks like hope itself dies: our Rescuer perishes!  It's strange news, but this is the way Christ rescues - through perishing.

So the quicksand scenario continues... After Jesus sinks without trace we feel a tug on our legs.  Jesus drags us under with Him.  He binds us to Himself in His death.

At this point you think the good news is really bonkers.  And it is - it's utterly right-side-up.  Jesus dies and put us to death in His death.  He takes us down into His judgement for us.  Then He bursts up out of the quicksand into new life - and He takes us with Him.  That’s the meaning of Easter Sunday.


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