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This is basically what evangelism is…

I really very badly want to share this music. I want to share it with everyone who is willing to hear. And that is because I have fallen in love with this music.

She then describes a low time in which she encountered Handel's piano music. It sparked her "personal state of wonder. It hit a really deep chord within me."

"...So that's how I got addicted to this music..."

Now the world must know! And no matter how foolish she feels, her passion carries her out to the world.

"I ended up with so many diverse reactions. It really made me happy because so many different responses to one and the same piece, to me that feels like it's really great music."

The most beautiful moment in performance art is when I can convey my state of wonder at exactly the same moment that you are open to hear it.

Then she plays. (Of course she plays, how perverse to merely talk about the music without offering it to us!).  And notice, it's slow moving in a minor key, then an urgent recapitulation and then a glorious shift into the major key.  I wonder why that works?

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” ― Martin Luther

What do we learn about evangelism from this?  Discuss.

3 thoughts on “This is basically what evangelism is…

  1. Aimee Baker

    This is so good. You talk about and want to share what it is that you love! But why does talking about Jesus seem more taboo than playing a flying piano?

  2. Howard

    It's interesting how starting in the minor key resonates and 'disturbs' us, but taking this and shifting to the major delights... surely, a reflection of the current state of things and what is to come.

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