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5 thoughts on “Romans 5 sermon

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    Your messages are an inspiration to me and I hope others as well. One message you disseminated, I would hope both believer and the ongoing evangelized could hear, is: God's Love is greater than both our sins and sufferings. Two topics, we, all, naturally obsess over. In addition to Jesus dying for us, when we are at our worst. Also the dichotomy between our earthly father, Adam and Jesus, God's Son through whom we have a new birth; sealed by God, the. Holy Spirit. To conclude and not to sound like a broken record, our humanity could have also had the same seal for an eternity without the ability to sin as the two-thirds of the angels in heaven who were not swept down by the devil. The beauty of their holy worship day and night is caught in the New Testament.

  2. Ken

    Glen, I haven't listened to this sermon yet, but I read it.
    And I have to say, it is the best gospel presentation that I ever read.
    So I must praise God and thank you...

  3. Glen

    Thanks guys, God's good news is wonderful. This is great encouragement to me that the message of Adam and Christ needs to be trumpeted loud and clear.

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