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Good Video For Evangelism Training

Sorry I haven't been posting much new content in the last week or so. I'm in the middle of two university mission weeks - first in Plymouth and, next week, in Falmouth.  Please pray for open doors, open hearts and an open mouth for me.

In the meantime, let me re-post this video. I used it again recently in evangelism training and it really made an impact. It beautifully introduces that crazy evangelistic strategy of... inviting people to church!


2 thoughts on “Good Video For Evangelism Training

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  2. David

    I recently produced a short video titled ONE QUESTION for evangelizing the lost and posted it onto my Son's YouTube channel at: Christofboy1. I need help in distributing it.
    The short "synopsis" of the video is:
    The most important question -- let's call it the "One Question" -- you'll ever have to answer for yourself, is answered in this short video using straightforward logic.
    Here's the link:
    Thank you and God bless!!

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