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Evangelism Training Session 1




THREE          God is Three Persons united in love

TWO               The story of the world is the story of two representatives

ONE               You are one with Adam. Will you be one with Jesus?



 What was there “in the beginning?”  John 1:1-18






From His Family to Our Failures  Matthew 3:13-17

He joins us in our filth to invite us to His Family.


It All Begins With Jesus  John 1:14; John 14:5-10; Colossians 1:15

Which God do you believe in?

Which God don't you believe in?


A Sentence Up Your Sleeve...

          “That’s what I love about Jesus...”



  1. “What’s all this trinity nonsense?” asks a friend. What do you say?
  2. What are the dangers of speaking about an unChristlike God?  Have you fallen into that danger?
  3. How would you complete that sentence in conversation: “That’s what I love about Jesus...”?  What would you say about what first attracted you to Christ?  What would you say about what currently attracts you to Him?

7 thoughts on “Evangelism Training Session 1

  1. Cal

    4 brought up some interesting reflections. When I first came to Christ, I came to Him because He was the Truth. I was looking for (as Justin Martyr would have put it) the True Philosophy, the real Way.

    Now, my love springs for Him in that He overcame the darker realities that inflict the world with injustice and death and, even in me, the darker realities of my hopelessness and my own futility.

    Perhaps my intellect was severed from my heart and as the two merged, the more the hurt came and He abounded more.


  2. theoldadam

    Nothing attracted me to Christ. I was dead in my sins and trespasses and was in full rebellion when He grabbed a hold of me through His Word.

    I still struggle to be my own little 'god'...but He has a hold of me and refuses to let go of me.

    Wow...what a God.

  3. John B

    Hi theoldadam,

    In the light of Paul's conclusion to his first letter (1 Corinthians 16:22) , are you OK with describing your faith as without attraction to Christ?

  4. marclloyd

    Glen, these sessions really were imensely appreciated. I've had so much positive feedback about the day. One person called it "life-changing", The church would now like to get you back to do everything if not become Rector so if you ever find yourself under employed (ha ha)...

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